Persona 5 Royal arrives in the United States on March 31


Atlus announced today that Persona 5 Royal will arrive on PlayStation 4 in the United States on March 31.

This expanded version of the successful Japanese role-playing game includes a new playable character and other additional content. The original version of Persona 5 first came out in Japan in 2016, with the US release. UU. In 2017. The game has sold more than 3.2 million copies, an impressive number for a JRPG that is not from Final Fantasy. The whole genre has had a good revival thanks to games like Persona 5 and Dragon Quest XI.

The Persona franchise has been growing in popularity in the United States with each new installment since the 2007 release of Persona 3 for PlayStation 2. The franchise, which emerged from the Megami Tensei series, now includes fighting games, rhythm games, anime and more.

Persona 5 Royal left for Japan on October 31. It is not unusual for the entries in the Persona series to have months separating Japanese and international releases.

Fans of fantasy collector sets may be interested in the Royal Phantom Thieves Edition, which includes a Joker mask (the game's hero, not the villain who dances on the stairs), a soundtrack, a book of art and a steel box. It costs $ 90.

Persona 5 Royal will be an exclusive PlayStation, just like the original release. This despite the fact that Joker came to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Switch as the first character in his fighter pass, an announcement that generated a lot of excitement among Nintendo and Persona fans. Unfortunately, that has not yet become a Persona 5 port for Switch.


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