The online features of Pokémon Sword and Shield will be inactive for maintenance this week



The online part of Sword and shield Pokémon It will be temporarily interrupted this week on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your location, with planned maintenance and adjustments.

As seen by, the online functions for the last entry of the Pokémon series will be interrupted between 5:00 and 8:00 GMT on Thursday, December 5. According to Nintendo itself, "during the maintenance period, all network services will not be available," so anyone who enjoys raids in the Wild Area will have to find another way to spend time during those three hours.

Here is a small useful table that we have prepared to solve when you cannot venture online in Pokémon Sword and Shield this week:

Time zone Start The end
PT Wed Dec 4, 9:00 PM Thu Dec 5, 00:00
ET Thu Dec 5, 00:00 03:00
GMT Thu Dec 5, 05:00 08:00
CET Thu Dec 5, 06:00 09:00
AET Thu Dec 5, 3:00 PM 18:00

No one knows exactly what changes will be made under the hood, although rumors abound that Game Freak can use downtime to patch a Raid attack that allows players to change their Switch's clock to win Watts and cultivate Pokémon Gigantamax.

Regardless of the changes, you won't be able to play online for three hours, so if you're awake during that period of time, you'll have to keep yourself busy offline or in another video game for a while. A lot to choose from, to be fair.

Let us know what you think Game Freak will adjust in those 180 minutes below.


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