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This year marks the end of an era like the Marvel flagship television series Protection agents. begins its seventh and final series, officially marking it as the oldest television program in the studio so far.

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Although the series initially did not sit well with critics or the large Marvel fan base, it is now praised for how it constantly reinvents itself and has great and faithful fan following. Therefore, it should not be surprising that at the time of writing this, the series has a solid rating of 7.5 / 10 in the Internet movie database. Curious about how those numbers are kept for individual stories, we go through IMDB to gather ten of the best Protection agents episodes to date.

10 Self Control (9.5)

Directed by Jed Whedon, the episode of the fourth season "Self Control" is announced by the fandom as perhaps one of the darkest episodes of the show to date. It follows the revelation of the previous episode that the team has been kidnapped and replaced with Life Model Decoys, leaving Jemma and Fitz as the only remaining humans.

Except not really, because in a terrifying and traumatic sequence of events it is revealed that Fitz has also been replaced and that Jemma and Daisy are the only ones left in the core group. It is an episode that masterfully explores psychological horror and gives us a lot of Skimmons (Daisy / Jemma) content to feed us.

9 9 S.O.S Part 2 (9.4)

The end of the second season saw several big jerks for the series as the ongoing story of the second season ended. The episode takes Ward from anti-hero to full-fledged villain, unites both fractions of S.H.I.E.L.D against Jaying and gives us a good content of Ole & # 39; FitzSimmons.

It is not surprising to us that this action-packed end of the season is so high that, after all, he left the fandom staggering with his last cliffhanger: Jemma being absorbed by an alien monolith, just seconds after agreeing to go on a date with Fitz Talk about a way to break our hearts!

8 The real deal (9.3)

The fifth season marked a great milestone for the series, and the twelfth episode marked one hundred episodes. The monumental episode was full of wonderfully full emotions and made us all cry while proving to be another game change by revealing that Coulson is dying.

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The team falters with this discovery while fighting their worst memories thanks to what they believe is a dimension of fear. The episode ends with a note of hope with the return of Deathlok and FitzSimmons who finally marry in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

7 7 Rewind (9.2)

When the team was launched into the future at the premiere of the fifth season, they were missing a main member: Fitz. That's because IRL, Iain De Caestecker was filming the horror movie, Mr, so the writers found a way to write the season around their agenda.

After the fourth episode ended with the surprise revelation of Fitz disguised as a marauder, episode five resumed it to explain the sequence of events they sent Fitz into the future. He presented the return of Lance Hunter, Nick Blood, and was a bottle episode full of excitement and humor, which are the forts of De Caestecker.

6 6 Turn, turn, turn (9.3)

When an episode begins with the lively song of "(Don & # 39; t Fear) The Reaper" by Blue Öyster Cult, you know a wild journey awaits you. When Captain America: The Winter Soldier launched, he turned the Marvel Cinematic Universe into his head with the revelation that Hydra had been inside S.H.I.E.L.D since its inception and was making decisions.

That jolt was one that changed Agents forever, specifically with this episode that changes the game. He saw the revelation that John Garrett was the bad guy of the season "The Clairvoyant", and the truth bomb even more shocking than the tense and honorable Ward was secretly a Hydra agent.

5 5 Inevitable (9.0)

When the fifth season ended, he saw FitzSimmons once again separated in the cruelest way possible: death. Fitz is killed by a collapsed roof while evacuating civilians, but due to the timely and untimely nature of the season, another Fitz is still in the universe frozen in a spaceship while embarking on the long journey into the future.

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"Inescapable" saw FitzSimmons finally meet inside a mental prison created by the Chronicoms, which meant that others had the ability to walk randomly through shared and private memories. The episode is full of humor, heartbreaking emotion, and serves as a one-hour therapy session for Jemma and Fitz, as they finally express everything that has happened.

4 4 The dirty half dozen (8.9)

When S.H.I.E.L.D was caught in the middle of a civil war, Coulson had few options to make a deal with the devil by requesting Ward's help to stop Hydra. The alliance lasted several episodes, but reached a critical point in "The Dirty Half Dozen," which saw the original "Bus Team" meet for a final mission together.

The episode was full of tension due to Ward's betrayal, with several emotional arguments that emerged among the team, including Fitz who reminded Ward angrily what a family had been like before he betrayed them. The episode marked the thematic end of that dynamic and was, even exploding the Bus as part of a distraction.

3 A chicken in the wolf's house (8.7)

This episode rarely stops to catch our breath and gives us a lot of tension and incredible action sequences. When Raina asks for S.H.I.E.L.D's help, she comes with an ultimatum: help her by letting Daisy know her father or she will disclose information to all Hydra that Jemma is a double agent.

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"A Hen in the Wolf House" is a reduced episode in terms of betting, but it feels as epic as any of the show's season finales due to the intense emotion and tension while Daisy faces the truth that her father is a murderer, and Jemma tries to escape from Hydra. He also introduces Bobbi Morse in the series and has that fight scene in the hall, then, is it surprising that he is so tall?

two Fear and disgust on Kitson's planet (8.5)

When Jemma disobeys direct orders to return to Earth, she sends herself and the rest of the space gang at full speed to Fitz, who soon takes them to Kitson, a planet dedicated to brothels and gambling, where (correctly) assume Fitz may have gone to

While Fitz and Enoch try to open a new ship after theirs is stolen, Jemma, Daisy and Davis interrogate the two guys who stole Fitz's ship, and accept some "space puffs" to eat, which they soon realize No, it's not really food but drugs. The rest of the episode is the most crazy. Agents Sometime he left and will make you laugh on the floor, a welcome change of pace for the series.

one FZZT (8.1)

Advertised as the Final episode of FitzSimmons: it was the jump point for hundreds of new shippers: FZZT saw the team investigate the deaths of several men who were volunteer firefighters who helped in the Battle of New York.

It doesn't take long to discover the source of the deaths: the men contracted an alien virus from a Chitauri helmet that they saved from the battlefield. Unfortunately, this discovery comes with a surprising twist: Jemma has also contracted it. After an episode of familiar rhythm, the story takes a 180 and leads to the most emotional episode of the series at that time, and saw Fitz realize that his feelings for Jemma were not just platonic.

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