10 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android In 2020

Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android

We live in a technically advanced world where the digital activity is a big replicating thing.

In today’s era, kids spent most of their time on the phone doing everyday stuff like playing games, using social media apps, and surfing on the browser.

Parents who are always feeling insecure about their kids doing activities on their phones. And to be honest with you, it is also crucial for parents to look after the activities their children are doing.

It is the same case with company employers who may want to access company materials using these spying apps in a different scenario. Also, these apps are well programmed in giving the results what you want. While you are in undercover work, you can also retrieve the data quickly, which is the best part.

Here, I would especially like to add this to make sure you tell the truth about installing a spying app so that your kids will have faith in you. And if you install without their agreement, it would be an unfair practice.

So, let’s get started with the best-hidden spying apps for AndroidAndroid for which you have come here.

What is a Spying App, and How does it work?

A spy app is an excellent app that checks out the activities one is doing on their phone. It keeps a record of all those logs performed the device like browser surfing, passwords, calls, chats, and a lot more. The spy apps are nowadays in demand as to make parental control for their kids and also for company employees monitoring.

In most of the apps, you will find the GPS location tracking feature also. Once the app is set up, it records all the data and sends it to the app server. Moreover, the app runs in the background, so it is a safety measure and unidentified by users.

Almost all the apps are designed with simple user-interface, but their accessing terminology can differ.

Here are the Top 10 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android

1. Spyic


When we talk about the best spy apps, then Spyyic is the first name I remember. It is an excellent app with so many features which will surely attract you to buy. Spyic supports all sorts of social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, and much more.

The user-interface is quite sober and straightforward to use without any complications. You will not face any trouble while navigating to the monitor kid’s smartphone.

One of the best feature what I like is monitoring messages. Nowadays, kids fall over to anybody’s message on social media without knowing the person behind. So, to keep an eye on the calls and messages, Spyic does the work for you. Moreover, it can also track all the call lists incoming and outgoing calls of the targeted device. You can even check small details that can be seen as call duration, phone numbers, viewing time, etc.

One of the most important concerns of parents if their kids are reaching out to their destination safely or not? So, yes, for this, you can use the GPS location tracking feature to see the real-time location updates. In addition to this, you can also use Wi-Fi and SIM Card trackers to record the location.

At times, kids go out somewhere else without seeking permission. So, using Geofencing, you can create no go zones and see if they are crossing the boundary or not.

Often we see our kids roll over surfing browsers to extract information, but no one knows what they do and watch. To avoid adult content, you may check the browsing history, and at the same time, you can even check the frequency of visiting sites and read the description.

A couple of times, they also exchange media files and do a long chat with their friends. To ensure they are not sharing anything wrong, you can read their conversations and see the exchanged media files. You can also do an overview of timestamps to see the actual time when the chat took place.

You don’t have to worry about the app as it secretly runs in the background and records the data. It’s a powerful app to monitor things in stealth mode by keeping you discreet. For Android users, you can use the feature hide app icon once you finish the download and installtion part. Spyic app is also for iOS users, so you don’t need to download the app for the targeted phone.

The app also comes with a Keylogger function for reading the keystrokes made by your kid. It’s a useful feature for analyzing the words.

How to Start Monitoring with Spyic?

In three steps, you will able to start.

1. Go to Sypic and sign up for free with your email ID.

2. Choose the plan as per your convenience and for which device you want. Follow the app instructions to proceed further.

3. Lastly, log on to the browser for accessing the control panel and see it remotely.

  • Clean user-interface with design
  • You also get 60 days money-back guarantee
  • No rooting of device is needed
  • 100% secure and stealth
  • Easily detect target location through GPS.
  • Videos were not downloading from the target device.
  • Browsing history was not working.

2. Cocospy

One of the best apps in the world right for android and ios devices. It is a popular app for controlling your business or be it your kids. Putting things under surveillance for tracking the target device is easy for Cocospy.

Call & SIM Tracker

The Cocospy call tracker does all in one work for you, whether incoming and outgoing calls, viewing calls frequency, checking timestamps, and duration of a particular call. All these details can easily watch out with Cocospy. You can even see the top contact lists on the phone. This app does not require rooting of AndroidAndroid, and the same goes with no jailbreak for iOS devices.

SIM tracker can be helpful in many ways like if the target device is lost, you will be able to keep a record with the Cocospy app. Another use you will surely love, i.e., it can also tell you the new SIM card details if your kid or any employee tries to change their mobile phone without notifying you.

Location Tracker & Geofence

With the use of Wi-Fi and GPS, you are eligible for tracking the locations. It helps you with finding geological coordinates as well as seeing entry and exit times of the area. Using the Geofence, you can create virtual zones for marking those places to spy on further. It gets notified about when the zone is breached, and later on, you may see the real-time locations.

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Social Media Apps

This is one of the practical reasons why parents and business owners spy on their kids and employees, respectively. We all know that social media apps capture most of the market world, and kids have a high percentage of accounts. The apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram can be tracked for viewing the activity discreetly. You can almost view everything like messages, group chats, and even media files.


Keylogger is one of the best features you get with these premium spying apps like Cocospy. It counters all the keystrokes and records the input on the android device. After that, you can check for credentials like login details, essential passwords, and examing calendar events.

Browser History (Both Kids & Employees)

Most of the time, kids use the mobile phone to surf on the browser for the piece of information may be regarding their homework, school projects, or any other stuff. But it is indispensable to keep an eye on those visited sites as they are unaware of things that they shouldn’t have to know at this age. Cocospy can track all these websites and also gives a short description of the same.

The same case goes for employees of the company as they might surf the internet instead of working or maybe they are finding some new place to join. In this way, you will be able to check the faith and loyalty of employees towards work and productivity. All these you can monitor wisely through this app and protect your business interests.

Stealth Mode

The stealth mode is wise to be undetectable and does the work virtually, so from now onwards, you can check out all the critical data and monitor them discreetly. The app works both on android and iOS devices for the best results.

  • No rooting or jailbreaking needed
  • Keyloggers best for utilizing calendar events and activities.
  • GPS tracking works well for searching for target locations.
  • Best possible use of SIM tracker even if the target phone is lost.
  • You may see a slight error with WhatsApp updates as it does not work correctly.
  • Due to heavy usage, the phone may slow down

3. FlexiSpy

Our third contender in the list of best spy apps called Flexispy, which is a powerful application for monitor your all sorts of work.

Employees Monitoring

This is an essential feature from a business point of view as their business stand out with the hard work of employees. Meanwhile, threats can be also there from the employee side unknowingly or maybe from an insider one. The fact is that by using Flexispy, you can own full control of your employee’s activities and behavior on devices.

Keylogger – A Flagship Feature

So far, now the keylogger feature is the best of Flexispy, which works smoothly with ease. The parameter of using the keylogger to detect the keystrokes one has typed. It records even a history of words that on the device have been typed. Flexispy also jeopardizes the terms by giving you alerts that may be harmful to your kids.

Social Media Apps

Again one of the crucial things to spy on that is social media apps. Kids are more engaged on the internet today with social media, and this is where parents need to make the judgment to pull out from the dangerous situation. You can spy on the famous apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Tinder, Viber, and more. Using the VoIP call recording feature, the call will be recording using the software and directly uploaded to the safe web portal.

Browsing Activity

Browsing history is the attention of parents about their kids. The more time they spend on phones, the parents have to be one step ahead for spying activities. So, they need to know that they are searing on the internet. Using this app, you can see the whole history, date with exact timings, bookmarks, and URLs.

Media Files & Call logs

If you are over-concerned and wan to control your child’s phone, you surely need to check out the media files. Here in this scenario, you get not only videos and images but also get control over audio and voice memos. Call records and spying on contacts will also make your security safer, and you can also look for calendar activities for future reference.

Note: There are 150+ features on Flexispy, but I covered the most important one. You can follow the link to the official website.

  • Gps navigator for tracking movement on the target device.
  • You can download the necessary files from the app download manager.
  • Best keylogger for full supervision
  • You can manage to handle Flexispy on various devices easily
  • It also gives a Free mobile app for checking out data
  • A little bit expensive compared to other spying apps.

4. Hoverwatch

Next, we have another hidden and undetectable spying app for your business and kids. To manage all your handy jobs, either employees or kids, Hoverwatch is there for you in the list of best spying apps. It is made effectively with proper features embedded in it. Let’s go with the extensive features of Hoverwatch.


The app keeps itself prone to the background and continually watching all sorts of activities. No one will be able to look behind the app invisibility even if your kids are aware of how it works. With the latest reports and information, you can look at the user behavior on the target device.

SIM Card

While a user plays a smart game by changing SIM Card unintentionally or intentionally, the tracker will update the details every time. In this way, your monitoring becomes more substantial and secure.


As you know, what a GPS tracker can do. When your user target phone goes out of the boundary wall without seeking permission, then geolocation does the work for you. Ultimate work of tracker to track the location with the help of Wi-Fi signals and Cell Towers. After determining the area, you will be able to see all the details right from your account.


One of the best features of the Hoverwatch to take screenshots easily. This is an essential feature from the parent’s side to know by whom the device is being used. Your kid will be surrounded by checking social media, surfing over browsers, playing games, or doing chats. Hoverwatch also lets you set screenshots on a periodical basis.

Social Media and Internet History

Access over social media applications and browsing history is easy to make a complete inspection of employees and children. It will help you see the media files such as photos, videos, call records. In contrast, the internet tracker will allow you to track the webpages and all the history of the browser in detail, like timing, date, and of course, the URL.

To know more features from Hoverwatch, check their official website.

  • It will keep you with the flow of media files.
  • The To-do list can track all the calendar activity plans.
  • Screenshots make your task easier from the target device.
  • Contact details and call records are accessible with ease.

5. mSpy

Ok, now we have mSpy on the fifth number in the list of hidden spying apps. To make your monitoring service more vital, mSpy is there whenever you are required.

Apps Data and Installation

To install the mSpy, you don’t need any technical skills, as it will take less than 10 minutes to install on your device. Now, coming to the apps on your child’s phone. Many apps are there on the phone, which are just for killing time and making your kid engaged with no use. So, now by using mSpy, you can block the apps which you don’t want. Not only this, but it also protects from installing apps that are of no use, i.e., inappropriate content to viewers.


To maintain a proper spy on your kid’s device, you will need a keylogger feature definitely. Keylogger helps you with monitoring keystrokes on the targeted device. It’s an act of digital surveillance in which the end-user doesn’t know his actions are monitored. It’s very much helpful in parental controlling, law enforcement, tracking devices, and more.

Calls and Messages

Watch out all your kids’ messages, whether it is sent, received, or deleted. With mSpy, you get the power to check the call logs, both incoming and outgoing, through the dashboard panel—one feature only for android users that they can view MMS stats and monitor the content. To prevent your child privacy calls, you can block unwanted numbers.


By using a GPS tracking system, make a restricted boundary wall to keep your children out of any danger. This you can easily set by using the Geofencing feature direct from the control panel. Here, you can make destination points like home, school, or any other point. If your kids try to breach the boundary walls, then you will get notified.

Check Browsing Activity

Nowadays, kids spent most of their time on social media and websites, either searching or surfing. With this feature, you can easily keep yourself updated with browsing history. Here, you can check all the visited websites and also block the same if needed. This will help you put questions if they see any kind of objectionable content.

  • Geofencing works like a charm
  • Easy to set up and use
  • No rooting of device is needed
  • You can even manage Wi-Fi connections from the control panel
  • You are given to monitor one device at a time, but with the family kit package, you track up to 3 devices.

6. Aispyer


Aispyer is one of the multi-featured spy apps on the list. It has got ample of features to protect your business and children from any online theft.

Let’s see one by one…


There are different types of trackers you get to track the details. Mobile number, SMS, browsing history, and GPS are four available trackers to record and store the data. With this, you will record every call logs, numbers, duration time, and monitor it with the control panel. The web tracker gives you all the history related information and timing of visited websites with description. At the same time, you can monitor with a GPS tracker for locating the exact place where your kids are roaming.


For spying social apps like Facebook and Whatsapp, you need to enable both trackers. Once you do it, they will start spying all over messages, chats, media files, date, timing, and even history record if you may even download all those files from the panel itself.

Contact and App tracker

These two trackers are helpful when you want to closely lookout for contacts and apps. Meanwhile, you can track contacts, emails, profiles, and even addresses. Moreover, if some contacts are deleted on the target device, you can quickly recover and see. With the app tracker, you can see the installation time, type, category, and size of the app. From your control panel dashboard, you can search for any app and turn it on/off.


One of the most liked features in all the apps listed above and now in Aispyer. The input and output are necessary for parents as they should have a clean report of what their kids are searching on the web or apps. By using a keylogger, they will come to know about the actual content through the keystrokes.

Calendar Activity

The calendar tracker allows for tracking all the calendar activities. It includes the title, date, content as well as location. Also, it’s easy to maintain and monitor the timing of several events on the targeted device. To search for anything, you can do it either by date or keyword.

  • Easy to set up and install
  • It is a power saver app and works discreetly.
  • You can look out for the target device using GPS.
  • Keylogger works like a charm.
  • Some people may find the price high.

7. iKeyMonitor

When we talk about spying apps, then iKeyMonitor is one of the top choices people make. It fills out all your needs with accessible tracking facilities. This will now decrease all your burden, and you can keep an eye on your kids, employees, and spouse.

Chat Spying

There are many social media apps where kids’ participation is high, as everyone has their account for many reasons. Parents can easily take out the chat records, messages, history of chats with their timings, and also deleted messages can be recovered.


With this feature in hand, you can schedule timings for your kids like running screen time, and it also allows recording of the targeted phone. To know the scheduled information, you have to open the control panel to see data in detail. Overall, it will enhance your monitoring power.


To make sure your kids and employees follow your rule and don’t go beyond that defined area, Geofencing is available for service. .The feature works pretty well by putting a virtual boundary on the map, and through that, you can track them. If anyone left the area, you would get notified by an email. It is crucial for parents and business people where their kids and employees are roaming without their permission.


You get a keylogger for tracking up the words, and it is beneficial for both parents and employers. The keystrokes get captured for every single word, text pasted, and even it can trace the words hidden with asterisks. From a business perspective, employers can monitor with keyloggers if they are leaking some kind of confidential data.

Alerts, Notifications, and Rooted vs. Non-Rooted

The internet is an excellent open-source to collect information, but many contents are inappropriate for kids according to their age. So, to protect them, you should definitely set some limits. iKeyMonitor has this feature of setting words and keywords to get alerts or emails if they do something wrong and protect them from danger.

One more thing to add here that iKeyMonitor runs and supports both rooted and non-rooted android devices. However, rooted devices have more options, and you also get more features with it. So users who want to take extra benefit should root their phones.

  • The free plan comes with standard features, but still, you have the premium option.
  • The premium plan is costly as compared to other apps.

8. Appmia

Next, we have Appmia, one of the powerful spy apps from the industry which can track all the activities you dream of. Using Appmia, you get to control your kids and employees remotely from anywhere. It has got ample of features, and many are of award-winning.


The ability of this software app which can handle any social media or installed apps on your phone. It can relatively get instant access to chats, messengers, phone texts to make your spying detail stronger, and at the same time, you will be in a win situation for the target device. Famous apps are listed in this group of tracking, such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Skype, and many more.


A common feature that lies among all hidden spying apps is tracking call logs and contact details. Majorly, it can give a person every detail, whether it is phone number, email, or address. Employees and children’s information will be in your hand after you install Appmia.

Phone Security

The security part becomes awesome and secure when you get access to lock all the unnecessary apps or any inappropriate functions. Moreover, you block or disable calls, contacts, and websites.

Media Files (Music and Videos)

Multimedia files are often shared among friends, business partners, and colleagues. These mostly contain videos, music, and photos, which may be not appropriate for kids. You may come up with a conclusion as kids and employees do get files from unknown sources which you could trace them and also rescue at the same time.

GPS Tracking

To follow the path of your kids and employees, GPS tracking would be very much helpful in getting precise locations. It collects all the location output through the GPS by acquiring all the details. In this way, you can know the whole history of the targeted device.

  • Get real-time access details right from the control panel
  • Easy to set up and install in less time
  • Perfectly works in an invisible mode
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS users
  • You may find the premium plan expensive


XNSPY is one of the personified hidden spying apps fast, reliable, and quick in tracing the required details. All your digital concerns will now be monitored with ease. This spy app is brought by Samsung, which is one of the top leading companies. Don’t worry, it works with all android and iPhone phones.

Text Messages

If you are overthinking about texting for your kids and employees, then XNSPY is right there for you. It will read and present all the messages, whether sent or received, with their date, timing, and contact stamps. And after that, you can view the same from the panel and also sort the messages.

Web Browsing Monitoring

Surfing a browser is common for kids, employees, or anyone. But if you are a parent or a businessman, then you must check the web history. It not only allows you to see the web history of the targeted device but also gives you the deleted history with description, website URL, date, and time. Even you can view the most frequently visited websites and bookmarked websites too.

Media Files Inspection

Get your fingers on every media file which your children and employees are hiding or sharing from you. You can get access to various files such as screenshots, Images, videos, and much more content.

Location with GPS

Employees and Children often go around to various places from lying to their Boss and parents, respectively. So, to know the current and past locations history, XNSPY lets you track the areas which they visited. GPS monitoring will help you out to see the location with exact timings and dates.

Chats and Call Logs

You can view call logs, whether incoming, outgoing, received, or missed calls. Plus, it gives you more detail with date, time, duration stamps. Now, the same case is with call logs where you can go through their social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Skype, and more on the list.

  • You get a weekly punch card for calls
  • Geo-fencing a great feature to mark out locations and monitor
  • Taking screenshots is accessible for more clear insights
  • You can also lock the target device if you found any suspicious activity
  • To know the exact real-time location, a strong internet connection is needed.

10. Mobistealth

Lastly, we have Mobistealth spying app for parents and employers, a trusted app worldwide. It is a top-notch surveillance software that gives a comprehensive solution to all your worries.

Location Tracking

Tracking location used to be a tough job earlier, but with smart technologies, we can do it quickly. There are lots of reasons to track someone. Other apps offer GPS service in their spying app software, but with Mobistealth, you can also locate the target device with a cell phone number. Parents can take care of their child’s whereabouts, and employers can do the same for their employee’s tour.

Gmail Tracking

Another overwhelming feature for a businessman that they can keep an eye on their employee’s emails to find if they are leaking any information. It includes all the data, i.e., sender’s and recipient names, the message of emails, and also you can view the email history for detailed information.


It lets you record any environment surroundings from the target device, and at the same, you can record the call recordings. The files will automatically get uploaded to the dashboard of Mobistealth, and later on, you can listen to them at your convenience.


To capture the digital footprint, keylogger is the feature that will tell you the keystrokes made on the target device. You can even grab the time and date of the various activities and take the necessary actions. Both parents and employers can watch for their kids and employees to know what they are searching for. After that, you seek all the information directly from the control panel with secrecy.

Monitoring Apps, Web Browser, and Media Files

Social media apps are massively popular worldwide, and it is also the time killer for teens. They do share a lot of things through their chats, groups, and even media files. Thanks to Mobistealth, which allows you to monitor all the messenger apps to read everything and know what your child is doing. Also, browsing is an activity where teens spend their time searching for anything, but it’s crucial to spy which websites they are visiting. Here, you get all the logs, frequently visited sites, date, time, and history.

  • You don’t need to root the android device or jailbreak iPhones
  • Easy interface and installation method
  • Compatible with various devices like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows
  • Location can be monitored even if GPS is not active
  • It is a bit on the expensive side from other apps.
  • The recording feature comes for only Android devices.

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