10 different ways to give a promise ring to your partner

10 different ways to give a promise ring to your partner

Are you in love? And want to let the love of your life know what she means to you? You can give her a promise ring. It’s a sign that you are devoted to being committed to her and your romantic relationship. The exchange of promise rings is a very first step of a long journey a couple will take together. Hence do not just hand over the ring. Make sure to create a memory that fits the promise!

Giving a promise ring to your special one is undoubtedly more profound and meaningful than prom-posing. Make your journey of the ring presentation unforgettable and worthy. With the below promise ring giving ideas, your promise ring’s display will be just as one of a kind as the promise it represents.

What do promise rings mean?

A promise ring is a ring given from one person to another in a relationship to signify their fidelity. Commitment, friendship, monogamy, love, chastity are some of the valid reasons to give someone you love a promise ring. The ring represents a promise made between the two people. 

Whether you choose a morganite diamond ring or something studded with precious stones, a ring will make a perfect token to give that to someone special. 

Ideas of how to give a promise ring to your partner.

If you plan to give your loved one a promise ring to signify your shared love, friendship or commitment, you must take some of your time to prepare your presentation. Here’s how to do it.

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1. The next clue

Go on a ring hunt together. You can pick a theme she enjoys and set it up in your local park or house yard. 

For example, if your partner likes candy and jewelry, announce that you have planned a particular day. You can take a picnic lunch along after she goes through all hints.

As she arrives, give her the first clue. Arrange the treats and other gifts of which you can wrap some and some not. You can include gum, hard candy, chocolates, earrings, bracelets, or a necklace. Make your ring be the last item, complete with your note of love and devotion.

You can phrase your words when giving a ring to your partner like:

  • As red as roses, rings as shiny, will you become my girlfriend for all time?
  • Please accept the ring as a promise that I will be the best boyfriend you will ever have.
  • Wear this ring as a promise never to stop loving you.
  • This ring holds a promise that my heart will always be right, and one day I will plan to marry you.

2. Wrap it

One of the simplest ways to give a promise ring is as a gift. Wrap the ring in a cute box and give it to your partner on a traditional gift-giving holiday like her birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas. 

Be sure that you both are together when she opens it so that you can explain its significance and can see her smiling face when she first sees it. Also, promise rings make an excellent anniversary gift. So you can plan to give that on your anniversary too.


A promise ring was hidden in a bouquet: You can surprise your love with a bouquet of her favorite blooms. And there you can hide the ring in one of the buds. Ask her to look closely at the flowers and then see her surprised reaction when she finds the ring!

3. You can plan to give a promise ring under the stars

Plan a romantic evening date under the milky way. It can be a dinner date with champagne or just hot chocolate. Present the ring under the glow of billions of stars. 

The occasion of presenting a promise ring is a perfect time to use words that come from unusual sources. So when giving a ring you can choose a few words or sentences from a song which will go entirely to share a special moment. 

4. Cartoon couple

You can take your girlfriend to a local fair, amusement park, or street festival and there you can search for a caricaturist to sketch a picture of you as a couple. You can excuse yourself ahead of time to use the washroom, or you can slip a note to the caricaturist to let him know that you want to write a proposal on the picture. 

When he gives the finished product, “will you be mine forever” will appear in a word bubble next to your face. Ask him to put “yes” in the word bubble next to hers, or you can wait until she answers. 

5. Go to a romantic locale

Choose a location you and your girlfriend consider yours, like the first place you met or kissed. These are ideal settings for the presentation of a promise ring. If you want the moment to be more casual than a proposal, consider sliding her the box or slipping the ring onto her finger while you talk. 

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6. Make it a surprise

Another right way to present the promise ring is when you are just going about your day. Put the ring box in her purse when she is not looking or place it out on the dining table and wait until she notices. 

7. Gift puzzles

Buy one of those puzzle boxes that she likes to solve the puzzle to open that box with the ring. You can also customize the puzzle with questions about the two of you and your relationship. The nostalgia created will go in a long way to make the ring presentation a memorable event.

8. Create a perfect serenade of promises

Yes, girls like surprises. You can call your friends at your home for a small get together. There you can plan to dedicate a song to her with a promise ring. Serenade your way to presenting the promise ring in style. To make it more special, you can perform a solo act. 

9. Make use of a big screen

If you both are sports fans, you can use the big screen to make your promise and give her a ring. Just a sweet message will do the work. 


Keep it simple and sweet, go creative when planning to give a promise ring to your partner. Your moment and your promise should be unique. Create your moment and make the memory perfect. 

Hence if you are looking for a diamond promise ring for your girlfriend, dazzling rock is here to help you choose and give heartfelt promise rings, which will delight the one you love. 

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