10 movie robots that would make terrible cops


The future of crime will require the future of the police. When it comes to protecting the ultraviolet streets of the many films of dystopian futures that often portray, there is a robot policeman who always defends the truth, justice and shoots criminals with machine guns.

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The question to ask is how dangerous are these possible futures. Robocop The best qualified robot for the job? If it is. By a fairly large margin, as it turns out. Being a human part, machine part and all police, Robocop is the best robotic police officer, but what about other famous film robots? Here are 10 movie robots that should never be allowed to wear a badge or carry a weapon.

10 Cargo lift for waste allocation – WALL-E (2008)

The adorable garbage collector of the brilliant Pixar film has a distinct quality that makes it unable to serve. He is very compassionate. While empathy and understanding of the robot's emotion go beyond that of humanity in his film, he would be reluctant to make the difficult, but necessary, decisions that a future policeman requires.

While the idea that WALL-E tries to bring all criminals to light seems good, in an urban dystopia that needs a supercut, criminals, unfortunately, must be disposed of as the garbage that WALL-E was built to collect.

9 9 Andrew – Bicentennial Man (1999)

The robot servant played by Robin Williams has a lot to deal with himself without having to stop the ultra-crime in the mix. On a trip to discover what or who he is, Andrew explores his newly discovered emotions with the help of his human family.

To be a successful robot robot, Andrew would need to control his emotions. To be able to control them when necessary, and trust them when the situation is not clear or requires a difficult decision. It is a difficult task to ask someone who did not know he had emotions until a few moments ago.

8 Battle Droids: The Star Wars Prequels

The soldiers in this army, introduced in Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace, They have the strength of a sheet of paper, and are used primarily in battle as cannon fodder due to their large amount. Their goal is poor, they rarely cover or show signs of mobility, and they have a special ability to face fights impossible to win.

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There are even chest camera images of his assault on the Gungan planet of Naboo, where a battle droid is seen tripping from a slingshot and shooting one of his allies on his way down. This type of incompetence has no place in force.

7 7 Killbots – Chopping Mall (1986)

It's just an opinion, but maybe getting machines called "Killbots" to protect a mall is a bit of an exaggeration. This cult film from the 80s has a group of teenagers who sneak into a mall at night, just so that the mall's robotic security droids malfunction and chase them. These bots are practically Robocop already, except in the form of a large Roomba.

At first they do well, finding teenagers and giving them a severe warning, but then drop the ball by flying their heads with a laser cannon. As unfortunate as it was if they expected to graduate from the security of the mall, these things are not made for police work.

6 6 Literally any of them – Robots (2005

The 2005 animated film about a world without humans should be the training ground for strong will robots that can protect the streets from any future fictional landscape that needs protection, but instead, it is a world in which each robot is apparently incompetent .

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These robots make their way through life, crumble, are crushed by giant hammers and have a lot of fun. All this is great for the characters in a children's movie, but they are not made for the laugh that is robotic police work.

5 5 The Box – Logan & # 39; s Run (1976)

While it looks intimidating at first, this massive unit is ultimately a maneuver. Designed to bring together the "runners", it is on its way to becoming police material from the start. However, when you really face it, the great structure and lack of freedom of movement of this thing make you not only unable to catch the runners but also destructive to their own base.

The Box is the equivalent executor robot of Paul Blart: mall police, only without the part where he stumbles randomly to complete his mission. Instead, it simply stumbles randomly indefinitely.

4 4 T-800 – The Terminator (1984)

Although the T-800 has an eventual change of mind and joins the side of humanity, it is simply not official material. When you look at his record, there are too many signs that say he absolutely hates cops.

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In The terminator, The T-800 makes its way through a complete police station, killing everyone in sight. It's not great, if you ask me. So in T2: Judgment Day, after becoming the good guy, the T-800 takes care of the simple task of not killing some policemen, so it does its best to fire a mini gun and a grenade launcher "near" them. This guy hates cops so much that the bad terminator in T2 He sees himself as one to get a raise from him.

3 Hal 9000-2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

This A.I. Stanley Kubrick's legendary science fiction movie is an intelligent computer program that controls the functions of the spacecraft and keeps the crew in a vacuum of space. Unfortunately for that same crew, Hal decides to kill them after learning that they will close him for making small mistakes.

Imagine the chaos that would occur if Hal received a badge. His complex of God would only grow, and the first time he was ordered to take paid vacations for making a crucial mistake at work, he would probably throw his partner out of an airlock.

two C-3PO – Star Wars

This humanoid droid appears in each Star Wars movie. Often seen in view of every major battle, C-3PO consistently shows total negligence in the high-risk scenarios in which it finds itself. Focused on etiquette and protocol, he almost always leaves heavy work for his fellow droid R2-D2 (who would make him a great cop).

Not only is his personality suitable for desk work, but C-3PO also has a limited movement that never allows him to get up more than a quick walk. Any aspiring bag thief could easily overcome it.

one Mechagodzilla – Godzilla Franchise

An alien weapon of mass destruction of 40,000 tons would not be a good police officer. Someone had to say it! Mechagodzilla is simply too big to safely patrol the streets. The robotic nightmare, the built-in image of Godzilla, would cause an unavailable destruction with every answer call.

Until Kaiju criminals are robbing giant banks, there is simply not enough demand for justice from Mechagodzilla (leveling an entire city with its Absolute Zero Canyon in an attempt to kill another being). However, if the time comes when the Kaiju are intentionally violating human laws, this bot will be ready with a pair of 50-foot wives.

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