12 best eBook reader apps for Android

Reading is healthy for mind and now by choosing the right eBook reader app, you can make the whole exercise enjoyable, friendly, easy and systematic. Yes, gone are the days when reading was synonymous with complications and associated as a tiresome exercise. Let’s now take you to a journey of 12 best eBook reader apps for Android:-

Aldiko Book Reader

Price: Free/$4.99

‘Support’ and ‘customization’ are two attributes which fairly create an easier and jolly time for readers. As Aldiko Book Reader app has features with eBook support for library books, PDF, EPUB etc. In short, you have all the support you need with a clean interface along with customization support. You can open it on your phone, tablet, etc. The highly in-depth research creates an easier approach so that readers can open all the files right within a few clicks through the app so that reading actually becomes a lot of fun. There are ads on the free version, but paid ones are free from the same. 

Amazon Kindle

Free/Cost of books vary

The prominent name of Amazon Kindle is with a reason. Being an eBook reader app, it has one of the largest eBook stores online with informative reading material thanks to the widest possible collection of free books. You can customize while reading. You have the option to download books for reading later. 


Price: Free/Optional donations

FullReader has multiple support of eBook file types with classic, simple and friendly UI interface. It has cloud backup support to make your content safe and secure and a translator for 95 languages. The app is free, but it is your choice to donate.

Google Play Books

Price: Free / Book costs vary

Google Play Books is at par with the likes of its competitors in the form of Amazon Kindle. Obviously, when we compare it to big names, then it has features which supports different eBook formats, (which it does) Reading your books anytime after uploading the same on the cloud is one such feature, you can’t deny. There is lots of storage for you. So, go on a reading spree and make use of endless features to give your reading habits a boost, like never before. 

Kobo Books


A basic “featured” app namely Kobo Books is an online store quite like you have seen and checked on Amazon. You can read your books and as part of a feature, it supports audio books as well as normal eBooks. It is free to download the app, but you need to pay for the books, which is an obvious fact through. You can download content to be read later. If you are reading late at night, you can switch over to night mode.


Free/ Upto $9.72

Reading “online” becomes pleasurable when the app supports different formats and AIReader does exactly the same. Such as EPUB, MOBI, RTF etc. Customization is said to be the key for enhancing the readership base and this app has so many of it, in terms of auto-scrolling etc. The app comes for free but there is a paid version to it as well.


Free/Book costs vary

Competition is healthy since it gives more value to readers. Nook does exactly the same to Amazon and other prominent names. However, what makes Nook different is its physical availability. While visiting Barnes & Noble, (its parent company) you will know what I am talking about. It has customized reading options through which you can read and support wide platforms such as books, comic books, magazines, newspapers etc. It offers in-depth reading facility to make you go “Wow” for sure. 


Price: Free

OverDrive connects with your local library and it gives you the convenience to get in touch with the books you have purchased. Amongst the noteworthy features is the page you can continue reading right at the time you left before, so overall it is simply in continuation. 


Price: Free/$5.99

FBReader is another app with a host of features to give a taxing free time while reading and making the online reading system a lot more enjoyable with so many customization options. It supports AZW3, EPUB, RTF, HTML etc along with text documents. So, you don’t have to complain about certain files not opening and giving you a headache. Its UI is good and friendly which enhances the interest of readers. In order to give further facilities to an individual, it uses Google Drive cloud service to sync books which to me means a lot of content can be stored between your devices. So, overall, the app is highly informative which gives you time and convenience to dive into the world of books with ease. 

Foxit PDF Reader

Price: Free / $0.99

When you want to create a productive approach towards learning in an informative manner, then Foxit PDF Reader helps you achieve your aim. It is available in Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android. It supports different PDF files and reads them out loud. You can find the app to give you huge support in audio and video. 

Media365 Book Reader

Price: Free / $4.99

The popularity of Media365 Book Reader lies in the way it supports over three dozen file types such as eBook formats, comic book formats etc. The User Interface is simple and colorful to make your operations extremely easy. Although, you might be bothered by ads, but hey it just costs $4.99 for in-app purchase to remove them.


Price: Free/$4.99

Talking about a series of apps, Moon+Reader is surely one of them which supports different eBook formats which will convert your reading time into lots of ease and fun for sure. Why not? The app also has more than ten themes, auto scrolling, gesture controls, EPUB3 support etc. While you go on checking the app, you will realize that it is an ideal app with all the features which a reader wants, expects and dearly looks for. For $4.99, you can remove the ads as well. It has cross-device syncing via Dropbox

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