13 Reasons Why 3 Spoilers

13 reasons why 3 release date

One of the most popular Netflix series, ‘13 Reasons Why’ started from the suicide of Hannah Bakers at Liberty high is all set to come back with the third season. Brace yourself! We want to warn you that some major spoilers are coming on the way in this post. 

‘13 Reasons Why’ is getting 3rd season releasing in the second half of the year. People are expecting it in the month of July and August this year. However, Netflix has not confirmed anything on this news. 

The major news is Hannah Bakers; the main character around which the story revolves would not be seen in the third series of 13 Reasons Why. This is quite disappointing as we are used to of watching her in the series but since Clay had already said goodbye to her. So, finally, we have to let go of Hannah’s character.  

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Katherine Langford who plays Bakers posted on Instagram, “Hannah I love you and I let you go”. She told the audience that being a part of the show was an amazing experience which has finally come to an end. Now since Hannah won’t be the main lead, the series will focus more on Clay.

Now if we talk about the storyline of the third season, there are many characters whose stories need to be revealed through the upcoming season. So, the plot can go in any direction. 

Cloe’s pregnancy will be the highlight of the show for sure. In the last season, we saw that even Cloe was humiliated by Bryce just like Jessia and Hannah. Jessica somehow gained courage and testified against Bryce but Cloe is supporting him throughout. Later we got to know the reason is she is pregnant with Bryce’s child. It will be interesting to watch how Bryce and Cloe will handle it. 

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The second season went off with Tyler taking up some wrong decisions after he was harassed by Bryce’s gang. Clay showed up and stopped him from taking such an impulsive decision which might destroy his career and put him into jail. Clay, while helping Tyler put himself into trouble somehow and what happens afterwards will be shown in the 3rd season.

Also, they will show the bonding between Dylan Minnette playing clay Jensen and his newly adopted brother Brandon Flynn playing Justin Foley. 

We are expecting things to settle down this summer in Liberty high. People will learn the lesson from whatever wrong happened and move ahead with their lives for good. 

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The trailer has already released back on April 30th. It was expected to be released in July this year but we see no news of this happening as of now. Netflix is not going to release any other footage related to the show at least before 2 months of the release. So, we can expect whenever the next footage comes, we can expect the show in another 2-3 months.

Till then we will keep you up to date on all the entertainment news. Keep reading!

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