14 Features of Salon Management Software – Creates Competitive Advantage for Salon Owner

Salon Booking Software

Out dated system of salon management is getting frustrating now. You spend long time at your desk but still you can’t take proper sleep at home due to tension of remaining work. Customers who left attended and the payments which are left always bother you. Is this a situation you ever planned for your salon? If not then don’t punish yourself by remaining in the outdated system. Customer handling and providing them their desired service is not an easy task. Salon booking software is a need now to run salon operations smoothly. Doing business is not a rocket science but doing in a right way is.

What Is Salon Booking Software?

This software enables salon owner to manage clients schedule, billing, customer management, etc. By using that software, you will feel a major difference. Every operation of your salon regarding customers and staff will be a piece of cake for you. This software is a treat for every salon owner has to avail it. Software is responsible for your tasks. You just have to keep check and balance whenever you are free. Your availability in salon is not necessary if it is managing your salon. No matter where you are operations of your salon will always run smoothly.

Features of Software:

  • Rules:

 If there are any rules regarding your services or days of the services you can add them on software. It will be easy for customers to schedule their appointment according to your rules.

  • Calendar:

This feature shows dates to customers which are reserved and which are available. Through this feature clients can anytime cancel their reservation and book another one.

  • Customized Schedule:

Customers can schedule their appointments with their desired staff member.

  • Service:

You can offer numerous services. Mention rate and duration with the service to make choice easy for clients.

  • Details of Staff:

You can add details of staff. There is no limit on their details.

  • Notifications:

Salon Booking Software send notifications and reminders to both staff and customers which makes service far mor better and memorable. 

  • Customers Information:

You can have access to your customers information. This information helps you to market your products and services. Both marketing methods, overall marketing and customized marketing are beneficial. 

  • Discount System:

You can create numerous codes to give discounts to your customers. They always like these kinds of tactics of salon.

  • Clients Page:

Give access to customers of their own client page where they can schedule their appointments and can write reviews about products and services.

  • Customized Booking Form:

Keep booking form according to the image of your website. This will give power to the identity of your brand.

  • Payment Management.

This software manages online payments. Supports every globally acceptable payment method like PayPal. It has a system of automatically canceling the appointment of those customers who haven’t paid for their services.

  • Reports:

You can see at any time how many customers are visiting your salon and how much revenue your salon is generating.

  • User Friendly App:

This software provides you a facility of app for you cell phones and tablets. Through app customers can manage their schedule and staff can manage them according to customers.

  • Integration:

This feature integrates app or software with your website. You don’t need to spend any time on updating your website.

These numerous features of Software to Manage Salon Bookings are surety of the success of your business. This clears all doubts and solved all problems of administration. What can be better than managing business from home or from a holiday venue? Obviously, nothing. Convert your business on software and enjoy perks of it.


As a salon owner you always want increase in revenue. Increase in revenue is directly proportional to customer satisfaction. Wellyx is providing a source of customer satisfaction in the form of software. Every business has now converted to software then why your salon has to be behind. Service industries always need to be update according to trends. They always have a potential of growth than any other. So, leave outdated computer system, use software and relax. Just sit back and see how your business is going to touch new heights of success. Is there anything more a salon owner can dream for his/ her business? If no, then go ahead and touch new heights.

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