1984 Wonder Woman statue offers a 360 ° view of Diana's golden eagle costume


A new Hot Toys 1984 Wonder Woman figure shows Diana in her Golden Eagle Armor complete with two different sets of interchangeable wings.

A new Wonder Woman 1984 The Hot Toys figure offers a detailed look at Diana's golden eagle armor. The sequel to the massive hit of 2017 Wonder WomanThe new film will take Diana and Steve to the 1980s. There, they will be joined by Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord and Kristen Wiig's Barbara Anne Minerva / Cheetah. However, despite the change in time period, Wonder Woman 1984 It will also feature Themyscira and the Amazons, thanks to flashback scenes that barely made it to the final script. Additionally, fans will see Diana's golden eagle armor for the first time at the DCEU.

They got their first look at the new costume when the Wonder Woman 1984 The poster debuted last summer. In the comics, Diana first wears the armor in the late '90s, in a key fight against Lex Luthor and other villains. It was later revealed that the golden eagle's armor was made by the Amazons and is something that Diana only wears when she needs additional protection in a battle. Many have speculated on why Diana needs the armor in this particular movie, considering the dangerous villains she has already faced. However, fans will have to wait until Wonder Woman 1984 It comes out in August to know for sure.

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Fortunately, Hot Toys (via Secondary attraction) is here with a fun distraction in the meantime. They have presented a realistic figure of Diana in her Golden Eagle armor. The figure is about 12 inches tall and features two sets of interchangeable wings, including one for flying. It comes with three sets of hands too, with one specifically designed to handle the Lasso of Truth. Although fans can reserve the Wonder Woman 1984 $ 360 now, not expected to hit until around this time next year.

Wonder Woman 1984 Hot Toys

Why Wonder Woman 1984The delay in launch, promotional materials and figures like this have become especially important. In some cases, they even made fun of the plot elements or revealed key parts of the movie. For example, a leaked image of Cheetah's Funko Pop doll revealed her costume after the transformation. However, in the case of the Hot Toys design, it gives fans a closer look at Diana's Golden Eagle Armor, and if anything, it will excite them more to finally see it on the big screen.

This is especially true since there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the use of the golden eagle armor in Wonder Woman 1984. It seems likely that Diana will save him for a great battle, but it is difficult to know if it will be with Maxwell Lord, Cheetah or both. The armor looks quite dangerous, even as part of a figure, so both villains could be in trouble when Diana decides to wear it.

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