2020’s About to Get Spookier With These Upcoming Horror Movies

2020 horror movies

Just when you thought 2020 has given you enough chills that would be enough for the rest of the year, there is something else in store. Guess what? Hollywood is all set to spook us with some new horror movies this year and we can’t be more ready! 

The beginning of this year turned out to be a little jinxed for Grudge as it failed to hit the mark, and left horror-movie fanatics disappointed. However, fortunately, with the release of The Invisible Man, audiences got the scare they were looking for, and it set the bar high for new horror movies that are yet to be released.

Now, with new horror flicks ready to come out, we’re all more anxious and excited to see whether these new titles will exceed our expectations, or badly disappoint us.

Whatever our verdict may be, one thing is confirmed, all movies that are about to be released will soon be available on Mediacom On Demand service. So, it doesn’t matter if the lockdown has sealed your nearby cinema, Mediacom cable has your back!

So, let’s not waste any more time and walk through the fresh horror flicks, waiting to be released this year.

Candyman (June 12th)

If you thought Get Out and Us spooked you to pieces, then think again. Jordan Peele is ready with another movie and we assume it will be scarier than the previous two. Candyman is the sequel of the 1992 version and it has Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in the lead. 

The plot of the original 1992 film was about an urban legend of a murderer ghost who has a hook for a hand and appears every time you call his name 5 times, by looking in a mirror. *gulps*

Halloween Kills (October 16th)

Halloween Kills is the first reboot of 2018’s Halloween. The cast of the movie includes Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, and Judy Greer. We wish we could give you more details regarding the movie plot, but we can’t. All we can say is that, with a cast as good as the one mentioned above, this movie might be able to exceed our expectations.

Antebellum (New dates to be revealed)

Antebellum is another one from the makers of Us and Get Out. The movie is set on an author who gets trapped in the past and finds herself dealing with horrifying occurrences as the movie unfolds. The movie was originally planned to be released on April 24th, but due to the uncertainty caused by Coronavirus, new release dates will be announced soon.

A Quiet Place 2 (New dates to be revealed)

The crippling anxiety of being surrounded with silent death returns once again, as John Krasinski is back with the sequel of A Quiet Place 2. This part will see Emily Blunt reprising her role as Evelyn Abbott, a mother who is now left alone to keep her family protected from the creatures that kill whenever they hear a noise. The previous version of this movie turned out to be Krasinski’s directorial debut breakthrough, so let’s see if this version lives up to its expectations or not.

Antlers (New dates to be revealed)

Produced by Guillermo Del-Toro and David Goyer, Antlers is a supernatural movie that revolves around a teacher, a sheriff, and a boy who is hiding a dangerous secret inside his own home. 

From the trailer, it looks like another masterpiece from Del-Toro. The film was originally going to be released in April, but due to coronavirus concerns, new release dates will be revealed.

Sam Wineman’s Untitled Documentary ((New dates to be revealed)

The name of the documentary hasn’t been disclosed yet, but audience is eagerly anticipating it ever since Shudder (Horror streaming service by AMC) hinted on releasing it. The documentary will highlight the horrors faced by the queer community. While release dates are still under discussion, it is confirmed that Shudder will air this documentary, later in 2020.

Wrapping Things Up

Due to the lockdown in effect and cinemas being closed, many movies have called off their previously decided release dates and are waiting for things to get better before they announce ones. Movies that have already been released are making an early arrival on digital streaming platforms, so audiences can stay at home, without being deprived of entertainment.

Many top streaming services like Shudder, HBO Go, HBO Now, Netflix, etc. are planning to release fresh content during this quarantine period. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Netflix loyal, or if you like keeping things competitive by planning a little face-off between HBO Go Vs HBO Now, rest assured, at the end you’ll have guaranteed entertainment, to keep you and your family members far from boredom.

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