2021 Predictions: What Psychic Nikki sees For Us In The Coming Year: A Slow Transition Back To Normal

2021 Predictions : 2021 is the one of the most hopeful period when 2020 ended it took so much from people. COVID19 was quiet pandemic and a year full of many big stories of sadness, crisis, and pandemic and brought world of many upside down. It is right of everyone wishing this year a hopeful and a beautiful year and everything gets better this year. On the note of 2021, what shape this year would take and many more such arising questions were answered by Psychic Nikki, psychic to the stars. This question is topping the list of questions that, ‘will 2021 be better than 2020’? Nikki answered, ‘Absolutely it will be’. This year is the Age of Aquarius and the alignment between Saturn and Jupiter took place on this day. So this has been considered as the auspicious alignment, however, this incident took place on December 21. Before than December 21, this incident once took in 1623 and Aquarius is considered as the humanitarian sign. This sign is all about helping each other and people would try to help each other more and more. She said one of inspiring line, ‘The struggle is far from over, even with a light at the end of the tunnel’. 

Further she informed people with that, ‘I think 2021 is a year of transition’. She said, every individual should take interest in and every individual must look for their own way to mend this situation. The world would gradually fall at the right place and vaccine will be helpful. However, ‘Rome is not built in a day’ and it is of course going to take time. But the year is definitely going to be a very humanity year, where people will be ready to help each other and become inspiration for each other. In the beginning of the year, it would start moving into forward direction and it is also predicted that economy would recover itself. But those who are taking this prediction a miracle, then slow down your horses and know one thing that to recover economy people need to take charge upon their shoulders. It is recoverable only when vaccinations would be discovered. This could only normalize life and bring lives of people. Nikki said, ‘I think the economy is going to take time to go forward’. We all are aware with this fact, a lot of people are unemployed and running into crisis. 

This 2021 is definitely going to be best because people are not wishing good for themselves but they are also wishing for each other. Nikki has also predicted that the industry of entertainment and hospitability it going to recover from this pandemic situation. This news although has saddened many hearts when Chadwick Boseman’s stellar career found an end with the announcement of his death in August. But Nikki had already done predictions and recognized posthumously. 

All the predictions done for 2021 is said to be the year would definitely going to be better soon. The sector of health is also going to be improved very soon and medicine area will definitely grow better. This year is also going to be full of breakthroughs, says Nikki, but at the same time she also thinks that there would be major cures in the coming years. She said, ‘I see big breakthroughs in medicine’. The ocean also holds a whole new sphere for the medical industry. Sea life and the ocean’ between such a critical situations and the cure for cancer is also going to be announced and give a sigh of relief. The other the most critical disease which anyone would hardly have thought of getting cured is the Alzheimer and Nikki has done some predictions. Nikki said that this year can also bring some cure for disease like Alzheimer. So all over there are some speculations about 2021 and as the year got started. It is also expected that things would get better soon. Everyone is hoping this year to be best and hopeful and a year that could help others. 

Pray for not just yourself but for everyone and hope the best so that best can take place.

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