3 Mobile App Trends Coming in Spring 2021

Technology is changing and evolving every year as devices and software become more sophisticated. As the demands for faster, more agile technology increase, it’s up to consumer brands and developers to answer the call.

According to Business Insider, consumers spent more than $100 billion on mobile apps in 2020 — and those numbers are predicted to grow this year. Consumer spending is changing as quickly as the economy, and mobile apps are one of their top purchases.

With a new season approaching, let’s look at the mobile app trends expected this spring.

The Speed of 5G Connectivity

The fifth generation of mobile connectivity is predicted to change the way consumers access their mobile apps. Speed and optimal connection are the key factors involved in 5G development. This developing technology is expected to run on the inactivity of less than a millisecond.

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For the average consumer, this will make loading their favourite apps and connecting with others feel instantaneous. With higher bandwidth and lower battery consumption, 5G connectivity is poised to be one of the biggest trends in mobile app development this spring.

Progressive Web Apps

Think of progressive web apps as a combination of web pages and apps. This innovation is designed to create an instant app experience. Users can immediately use the app without taking up excess space on their devices and taking advantage of automated updates.

PWAs can be developed in less time for developers than standard apps — since they are merely web pages with app-like capabilities. Users can access this app immediately, and they use up less bandwidth and internet than traditional apps.

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Developers can take advantage of PWA functionalities to offer consumers a new way to access their mobile apps. According to mobile app development experts Guarana Technologies, looking for new opportunities and innovative ideas is crucial to surviving in highly-competitive tech markets.

Wearable Tech

Mobile technology doesn’t start and stop with phones and laptops — nowadays, it includes wearable devices. Mobile apps are becoming more adaptable to wearable technology like smartwatches or fitness trackers. The configuration of these devices is poised to become one of the most significant advancements in mobile app technology.

The development of wearable technology offers consumers a new level of convenience and connectivity — developers are beginning to tailor their efforts to devices outside of standard mobile phones. To compete in the app markets, it’s essential that their product is adaptable and intuitive to the growing needs of consumers.

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Wearable devices offer scanning and sensory features previously unavailable in mobile phones or laptops. From fitness to finance, from fashion to healthcare, mobile apps will play a significant role in the development of wearable technology. It’s up to developers to adapt their user interfaces and create efficient apps with smooth data transmissions.

Consumers are looking for new mobile app developments that can positively impact their lifestyle. As the spring season approaches, these three key innovations will change how we access and embrace our mobile technology.

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