3 More Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram (That Many Don’t Know About!)

Get More Followers On Instagram

You’ve already done a few of the steps listed in our previous posts about how you can get real Instagram followers. Now, you’re looking for more how-tos to continue growing your following the organic way. 

Here are 5 more tips that many aren’t aware can actually cough up a positive impact on your Instagram growth strategy. 

The first thing to do is to look for such massive conversation-hits that fall within the niche and/or industry your business belongs to. Once you’ve spotted them, post a relevant comment. Make it short and sweet, but catchy. 

After, include your hashtags. Now, it’s important to type in your branded hashtags, of course. That’s how you’ll get people to take notice of your enterprise instead of blatantly mentioning it in your comment without it being natural or relevant. By the way, if you do the latter, IG users are only going to think that you’re a bot put in place for promotional purposes. 

Back on the topic, also throw in a few universal hashtags, especially ones that are IG-famous (just make sure you don’t overdo it with universal hashtags so as not to create clutter). Popular conversations are your indirect pool of potential customers. 

Now, you’re looking for more how-tos to continue growing your following the organic way.  You can also check out Conexa for internet marketing resources.

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What you need to do is to grab their attention with your comment so as to redirect them to your smartly placed hashtags. And these will direct them to your business account.

2. Out With The Boring 

This should be implied to any kind of content you post on Instagram. But for the sake of step number 2, we want to draw your attention to “captions”. 

A number of novice business account owners on the social media platform make the rookie mistake of formulating captions that are mainly, if not only, about their businesses. Believe us when we tell you that nobody enjoys reading captions like those. 

While you still have to be careful not to overstuff them, captions are to be descriptive, yet crisp and fun. 

There are some well-known brands that do a bit of storytelling on their captions. They have a captive audience so that… works (we don’t recommend it).

On the other hand, Instagram growth professionals suggest that you stick to being concise. You won’t want to lose your readers halfway through the caption and get them bored. Say something that’s right on the money. Something witty. And then ever-so-lightly sprinkle that baby with related universal hashtags, plus your own branded ones. 

3. Simple Influencer Marketing 

There’s a whole list of to-dos under what’s known as approaches businesses can take regarding influencer marketing. For now, let’s specifically pull out “Post Notifications”. 

You’ve seen the option for whether to turn post notifications “on” or “off”. Yes, you’ve guessed it right— turn them “on”. At least, for your followers. This way, any new content they post, you’ll have first dibs on, in terms of sending responses. 

Being the first to comment may not magically bring you a thousand extra followers. They will, however, be immediately noticeable. That, and with smartly chosen and placed hashtags will bring you on the way to gaining a new crowd for your brand.

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