3 Techniques to Get the Best Value for Your Custom Metal Art Fabrication Pieces

One factor that helps determine standard metal fabrication over a customized one is value. This is because the latter requires countless planning and research before finalizing its creation as it is necessary to ensure the quality of materials utilized as well as the procedures undertaken to generate excellent fabrication designs. On the other hand, standard metal fabrication does not require much pre-production effort since there are samples already provided by manufacturers that customers can just choose from.

The entire process for custom fabrication takes into account the standard of production and delivery for the customer to expect an exceptional output that can impressively last long regardless of whether these are accessories, furniture, sculpture, and the like.

Present in this article is some of the techniques often used for custom-made fabrication designs with guaranteed longevity.

Choosing the right concept for a design

The most important thing to consider in personalizing metal fabrication is the design. This will serve as the foundation of the entire project and your guide to achieving your desired output. Think of a particular theme or motif. Are you aiming for a rustic-themed or vintage-styled area? How about an earthy or elemental vibe? You probably are interested in a sophisticated or luxurious feel. Whatever that may be, it is best to first distinguish your preferred concept so that you will be best guided to the next steps of customizing your metal fabrication. After which you can plan out the structure and have it mapped out by a professional layout artist for metal figures. Keep in mind that an ordinary metal fabricator can accommodate the usual standard plan or an engineering drawing to release an intricate design that can achieve the best results even with the most complicated designs. The process for this would need refinement and examining the design that would satisfy the requirements of the industry and also determine the requirements that would serve as the backbone of the finalized plan for the design.

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Metal formation and cutting

Before proceeding with the metal cutting process, it is important for the fabricator to identify the type of cutting method that is fitting for the specific type of metal that is going to be used. Laser cutting is oftentimes recommended as the appropriate method for most metals especially for the thin and delicate types and even for the heaviest and thickest types. The downside, however, of this method is that it is not advised to be applied for metals with uneven surfaces.

The procedure for metal formation is quite tedious as it would involve various steps such as bending, rolling, and punching the plates in order to attain the desired outcome. For it to be perfect, appropriate machine selection should be done. An all-rounder metal fabricator is best used for different types of metal customization and would require lesser effort and time.

Welding and assembling metal

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Techniques used for welding and assembling metal should also satisfy industry requirements to ensure that the output is created with the best standards. You have to be very careful in availing metal fabrication services by checking if they have acquired the right certifications for welding and assembling metal. It is much better that you ask for the documents to ensure the credibility of manufacturers and to clear your doubts before immediately entering into transactions.

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Furthermore, every assembly and subassembly must be tried and tested by the manufacturer so that they will be able to check whether the final fabrication project will operate according to what is expected. With this, it is best for them to document each step that was carried out in the process to fulfill their quality control practices and for transparency purposes.

As much as possible, fabrication parts, most especially the small ones, must be delivered to the client in their complete form. For the large types such as furniture or sculpture, it must be divided into subassemblies and each must be present in the container and shipped directly to the client so that when it arrives, it would be installed without hassle. It is better to adopt this manner to avoid misplacements of parts and components.

Adding Professional Finish for Extra Value

One of the qualities your metal fabricated piece should have is longevity. For this, you will have to search for a fabricator that will best extend the life of your metal piece. This places a great value on your money because you have invested in a project guaranteed to produce a result of the highest standard.

Applying finishes is considered the last step in the process and a significant part in maintaining the appearance of your fabricated piece. This adds more useful features such as resistance to most conditions like tarnishing, corrosion, different weather changes, and more. It also accounts for additional sturdiness and polished surfaces to look new. On the contrary, this will only depend on the intended use. If your goal is to achieve the vintage feel, then the polished finish is not applicable to your fabrication. The bronze with a mix of copper type of finish is best for it because it adds warmth, texture, and the right tint for your space.

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You have to note that the metal finish application is not simple, just like the other steps in the fabrication process, it also involves other procedures in order for it to be performed in multiple ways. Additionally, there are also factors that you have to account for like aligning the right process to your intended use; whether the fabrication technique you’ve chosen matches your investment and suitable for the equipment.


Thinking of starting a metal fabrication project? Now is the time to start! When you are working on it, just make sure that you consider every part involved in the process which is why we require you to do research before quickly moving to consult fabrication specialists. It is much better to be keen on the details as this will help you in achieving the desired result. Likewise, rely on the most reliable fabrication industries because they already have established their reputation in the field of fabrication and would surely help you bring your vision to reality.

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