4Liker Android: Increase your comments and likes on your status and posts

4liker apk

4Liker is the most famous application to increase the likes and comments on the social site’s posts and statuses. The 4Liker has the capability to increase over 350 likes and 60 comments on the posts.

Nowadays everyone is using social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram and also they post their photos and status on them. And they want to collect them as much as they like and comments are done by users. The likes and comments can boost the ego of the people and every time they want to get as many likes as possible then only their ego is satisfied and they look like the winners. If they don’t get much likes and comments on their photos and favorite quotes of favorite authors then they think they are losers. For them, this application is best to increase their likes and ease of use.

The application to get more likes and comments on your posts4Liker

With the help of the 4Liker apk , you can easily increase your likes and comments up to 350 and 50 comments on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network Facebook. Read below how the 4Liker application is really simple to use.

  • Install the app and open the app on your device.
  • Log in to the Facebook account in the 4Liker app.
  • Only you can able to see the option of applying the likes and comments
  • All the steps are done then you just need to find the publication to promote and tap to submit.

    Sometimes your likes and comments rush on your posts, these are all fake but who cares the likes seem to increase that is enough for you. Mostly the girls are fond of the likes and comments.

The tool is best to pretend the more likes and comments on your image and status. Many people will take interest in your post by seeing your likes and comments. Now read the main feature of the app listed below.

4Liker APK : Main Features

The main function and feature of the application.

  • Gets automatic likes and comments on Facebook.
  • Completely free of spams.
  • Near about 350 likes and 50 comments on papers.
  • Do share and promote the post of your choice.
  • Promotes posts on Instagram.

This app is probably the dirty and black hat method in the world of social media management. But who cares about getting the likes and comments.

This app is installed in the way of the APK file. First, you have to download the APK from the websites and then install the APK on your device. You also have to change the setting of your device in order to get the installation of the app.

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