5 Best Ways to Use Memes in Your Content Marketing

Memes are extraordinarily effective at creating community and engagement by uploading something that every person in your circle understands. It’s a great way to build a sense of belonging, something large social media platforms such as Facebook doing for years.

That’s why your company should add memes to your content marketing goals and strategies. If you can develop interesting memes relevant to your target audience, then you can develop the loyalty of your brand as well as a decent sense of your community.

Memes are effective at connecting people through their sense of humor. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 tips to use memes in your content marketing plans. Continue reading the article to know more.

Create Genuine Memes

According to Forbes, if you’re thinking to use famous meme images, you should focus on creating original memes that are relevant to your audiences. Don’t try to use other creator’s memes or jokes. Not just it will fail to work, but also damage your reputation.

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Some memers prefer the nostalgic factors. Whether it’s 80s dance music or 90s fashion, a decent nostalgic meme can create a positive mindset amongst your audience. 

Some brands use their sense of humor or sarcasm to prove their point while others publish their memes with humility. No matter the context, the meme has to be funny. If you fail to create funny memes, then your audience won’t share them.

Upload Relevant Memes

Remember the time when a mysterious monolith appeared out of nowhere in the Utah desert in 2020? After it arrived, people created thousands of memes regarding the monolith. 

Many business companies seized the opportunity to show their humor. You must be capable of seizing the perfect opportunity and make a meme relevant to your brand. However, don’t try to apply it forcefully if it’s failing to match the voice of your brand.

If a trend is one month or few weeks old, then try to skip that particular trend and move onto another. If you’re seeking help, then consider visiting Meme Scout

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Know Your Audience

You might have experienced a stand-up comedy show where the comedian cracks a joke and no one laughs at all. This is because the audience failed to understand the joke as they aren’t relevant to the topic.

For instance, the Gen Z crowd won’t be interested in AARP jokes like retirement. This same applies to memes also. When you create a meme that is relevant to the choice and taste of your audience, then they’ll appreciate it. This is why you must know your audience. 

Try to collect information about your audience’s background, location, age, race, industry, etc. When you successfully collect this, you’ll be able to create dank and appropriate memes.

Research Your Memes

Before posting a meme for your content marketing, try to research the meaning as well as the hidden context of the particular meme. If you don’t research, you might end up uploading offensive memes.

You can delete the post after realization, but it’ll be too late for that. You might be surprised to know how much damage a wrong meme can do to your brand. Hence, to stay on the safe side, don’t upload memes that you don’t know.

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Adapt With the Evolving Memes

Some memes can be damaged over time. Using them will affect the reputation of your brand. When you research memes, try to perform the task meticulously. If you choose a meme that is old and unattractive, your audience could see it as offensive.

Remember that nobody owns a meme, not even the creator. No meme in the internet world is safe from being improvised with captions and symbols. So, it’s best if you adapt to the evolving memes.


These are the 5 best tips to use memes in your content marketing. If applied carefully, memes can become very beneficial in your content marketing strategy. They can enhance your reach to new audiences while providing humor to your brand. 

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