Healthcare doesn’t come cheap, and managing everyday expenses along with hefty medical bills, can be tiresome. According to studies, people are most afraid of their financial expenses as they get near to retirement. But don’t get disheartened just yet, for there are ways to reduce healthcare expenses. Reducing your healthcare expenses will allow you to live a tension free life and help you make better investment choices.

Nowadays, healthcare costs are continuously rising. One major cause might be the spread of the global pandemic, which has made it challenging to meet supply and demand frequency. In the time of extreme health crisis, it has become difficult for people to afford healthcare. When the services aren’t accessible on the pocket, you have to find ways to reduce your costs. Some steps that can help you are:

1. Maintain a health savings account (HSA)

A health savings account is similar to having a personal savings account. The difference is that every penny you put up in your health savings account is to bear your healthcare and medicine expenses. The benefit of having a health savings account is that your company or the insurance company has no rights over your money. Everything you put in it is solely yours. 

Another advantage of having a health savings account is that all the money you put into that account does not undergo any tax deductions. Further, the service is accessible to every tax-paying citizen in the United States of America. You can use health savings account for many expenses that your health insurance doesn’t cover. For example, your insurance plan may not cover eyeglasses, chiropractic, fertility services, prescription medicines, orthodontia, etc. But you can use your health savings account to pay for these facilities.

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2. Treat hospitals as last resort options

According to statistics, from the overall money spent on healthcare in the United States, 33% goes to the hospitals, 27% to the non-physician healthcare service providers. And 20% to physicians and healthcare clinics. But we also have to consider that many physicians and non-physician healthcare providers also work under hospital administration. 

Although we spend so much money on hospitals, they may not be the best option for many healthcare needs. Instead, consider lower-cost health centers with MPH vs MHA qualified healthcare providers. These healthcare providers are best to attend to your healthcare needs and possess all the necessary skills required. Similarly, consider contacting surgery centers instead of visiting hospitals for your surgeries. Most of these healthcare service providers are much cheaper than hospitals because there are much less overhead charges.

3. Have adequate disability income insurance 

The earnings you make right now are the most considerable support for your future, specifically at the time when healthcare expenses become more daunting. But research shows that only 72% of the United States population invests in long-term insurance for healthcare and disability. In other words, consider that you suffer from an injury or fall sick for an extended time, your finances will shoot out of the roof if you don’t have insurance. 

Not every company provides employee healthcare insurance. Being self-employed without long-term insurance can be devastating. Consider getting long-term disability insurance not to get bankrupt or compromise on your healthcare needs in difficult times.

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4. Save money on medicines

We have often seen cases when a pain killer bottle costs $50 in the hospital but $4 at the drugstore. So simply opting to get your medicine from a drugstore can save you $46. Similarly, there are some ways you can cut your expenses when it comes to medicines. These actions can be helpful, specifically if you have to use these medicines for a long time or regularly.

The first way is to consult with your health care provider to get local and generic medicine of the same formula that they prescribed you. The idea here is that as hospital expenses are high due to massive overheads, big pharma companies also have high medical costs because of their brand. They add overheads and brand recognition elements, and hence, the prices skyrocket. But a local and generic brand that makes medicines of the same formula will cost much less. 

You can also ask your healthcare provider if any cheaper medicine options can help with your condition. Apart from that, try to compare medicine prices online, for you may find more affordable options that you can order. Last but not least, always take the prescribed amount of medicines on time. Because the easiest way to save healthcare costs is by remaining healthy, hence overlooking your treatment might cause additional problems and prolong your treatment. If you have any minor health issue link acne problem, anal skin tag etc then you can get guide online as well that will save your money, you can consider home remedies for these type of problems. 

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5. Use your benefits

You are entitled to some benefits that can help you cut healthcare costs in the long-term. For starters, getting routine checkups with a general physician and bi-yearly screenings and tests can help you solve health issues in their initial stages. Getting vaccine shots on time and maintaining your health will keep you immune to seasonal illnesses.

Secondly, take advantage of parental health plans if you are pregnant. You can get paid maternity leaves in case of pregnancy so that you and your baby remain healthy. Third, you can acquire the services of case managers and health advocates who can help you reap most of your insurance plan’s benefits. Case managers will help you deal with complex medical conditions. On the other hand, health advocates will ensure to get you the best treatment within your budget.

Finally, make sure you take advantage of discounted and complimentary services. Many insurance plans offer free gym memberships of vaccine shots. Take advantage of these deals and keep yourself healthy.


Healthcare expenses can be very daunting if you don’t have a proper plan to cut your costs. So start with opening up a savings account and getting a good insurance plan. But in the end, your healthcare costs are directly dependent upon your everyday habits. Maintain a routine habit of exercise and take a healthy diet to ensure that you remain healthy.

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