5 reasons why we love Velma (and 5 why we love Daphne)


For decades, fans of all ages have consumed Scooby Doo in its various forms of media: from direct movies to video, television series, theatrical live-action films and an animated theatrical film that will be released later this year.

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There is much to love Scooby Doo: It has its own charm, and in certain cases it is not afraid to subvert its own popular tropes. But, by far, the things we love most are his characters: from the always hungry Shaggy to Daphne, prone to danger, there is one character for everyone.

Today we will focus on the two women of Mystery Incorporated: Daphne and Velma. These two girls could not be more different from each other, but they have demonstrated many times over the years that their friendship is unwavering. From Daphne's sense of fashion to Velma's logic, we are analyzing five reasons why we love Daphne and five more why we love Velma.

10 Velma: his love for mysteries

Each member of Mystery Incorporated has a passion for solving mysteries, but Velma enjoys it more than anything. Throughout the history of the franchise, Velma or Fred often happily announce that they have a mystery to solve.

Velma likes to put all the pieces together to form a clear picture of the truth behind anything strange that the gang investigates. He even has a blog dedicated to research, and at one time he had his own bookstore that was full of mystery and horror novels.

9 9 Daphne: her femininity

"I enjoy being a girl," says Daphne shrugging her shoulders, after using her makeup tools to free the gang from a trap in Scooby-Doo: Unleashed Monsters. It is a quick line, but it covers the central feature of Daphne: her femininity.

Daphne often cares about her own appearance and makes every effort to look good outside the entire gang. He always has fashion advice for those who need it and often uses what he has on hand (makeup, bag and once his jacket) to help her on her adventures.

8 Velma: his logic

Velma is easily the most skeptical of the gang. She is very logical and likes to get to the bottom of things. In Scooby Doo Where Are You? Velma's logic allows him to land on the easiest explanation of things and he was not afraid to admit that the most logical conclusion sometimes was that wherever they were they were really haunted.

In addition, we appreciate the logic of Velma for the way it allows you to enjoy various forms of science, most often, computer science. It is always refreshing to find female characters passionate about STEM, especially such a classic character in our pop culture.

7 7 Daphne: your trust

Of all the characters in Scooby Doo, Daphne is probably the safest of herself. She is aware of her own limitations, but does not care about them and often goes out to look for what she wants.

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Daphne also blatantly enjoys how she looks, without looking arrogant or snobbish. In fact, Daphne's confidence does not come from making others feel less than anyone. She recognizes her beauty without denigrating those around her.

6 6 Velma: his fear of clowns

Throughout Scooby Doo In a long story, Velma has always been the least likely person to be scared. She is always aware that a monster is usually a man with a mask, and her attitude towards monsters generally reflects that.

It was fun learning in What's new, Scooby-Doo that Velma, like everyone else, has something he is very afraid of: clowns. Velma is able to overcome that fear with the help of his friends, but it was a good reminder that Velma is like everyone else and is not immune to the fear of things.

5 5 Daphne: his bravery

Daphne can be prone to danger and is often the person who will be kidnapped by the villain, but he is not a coward. She faces danger when she needs it and is not afraid to explore potentially dangerous places to get the answers she needs.

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In live action movies, Daphne gets fed up with always being kidnapped, so she learns self defense, and shows herself defending herself from several villains to protect her friends or help save the world. In addition, Daphne has great courage in the fact that she is blatantly herself and is open with her feelings with her friends.

4 4 Velma: she is stubborn

In recent years, Velma's logic has changed its nature: where Velma once felt comfortable declaring a haunting as the most likely scenario, he is now blindly skeptical of anything supernatural, even if he is looking directly at her face.

Although his insistence that things should be logical is sometimes irritating, we have to appreciate Velma's stubbornness and how he sticks to his beliefs.

3 Daphne: she is loyal

Another of Daphne's features is his loyalty. She defends her friends at all times, even when her own parents disapprove of her company. There were many times in Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated where Daphne's mother and father talked a lot about Scooby Gang.

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However, over the years, it has been shown that Daphne has an extended family, to which Daphne shows loyalty, like Shannon's The Loch Ness Monster.

two Velma: its vulnerability

When you think of Velma Dinkley, vulnerable is probably the last trait you would associate with her, but for us, it is the trait we most appreciate about her. Although this facet of his personality rarely appears in the media, when he does, it affects us. Velma has had several instances in the course of Scooby Doo Story where it opens up about your feelings, but for the most part, it is usually through anger: except live action movies.

In the real-action movies they gave us a Velma that was surprisingly vulnerable: she is really scared when Fred has been put aside in the house of fun because she is not sure if he is well, and often feels belittled by those around her . The best scene that illustrates his vulnerability is when he admits to Shaggy and Scooby how much he admires his calm nature.

one Daphne: her emotional intelligence

Daphne may not be the person who draws up a plan or build traps, and may not be studious and logical, but Daphne has a valuable asset that the rest of the gang lacks (more or less): emotional intelligence.

Velma can understand science, Fred could understand the pitfalls, and Shaggy and Scooby definitely understand a buffet, but Daphne understands people. In many ways, it is the heart of the team: it is generous and compassionate, willing to give advice and encouragement to those who need it, such as encouraging Velma to chase after the guy he liked. Untied Monsters. It is one of the features that makes her so adorable.

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