5 times Alfred absolutely destroyed Batman in the new DC series


If there is an art in a good replica, then there is art in writing Alfred Pennyworth, the butler and surrogate father of the hooded crusader. And if there is art in writing Alfred, then Warren Ellis and Alfred Pennyworth of Bryan Hitch, which appear in the course Batman's tomb, is the Mona Lisa of clapbacks.

Alfred's dry sarcasm has been a hallmark of Batman's stories for decades, providing a balance that pierces the ego even for the most serious incarnations of the Dark Knight. Given the long list of English actors who have paid attention to the character, from Michaels Gough and Caine to Alan Napier and Jeremy Irons, it is logical that the English Ellis and Hitch have such a firm understanding of the character. And with firm understanding, I want to say that Alfred's lines in Batman's tomb go beyond withering to desiccation.

With five miniseries numbers on the shelves and seven to go, we decided to gather some of Mr. Pennyworth's bon mots for reading. They are organized in ascending order to make you feel as if a comic panel has slapped you physically.

The lexicon

Image: Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch / DC Comics

In these panels, Alfred and Bruce discuss LexCorp's voice-activated personal assistant, called, of course, a Lexicon. Alfred rightly calls an unrepentant Bruce for supporting the surveillance of the innocent and the uncondemned. when it does. He is right, and should say so, and he says it eloquently, but in relation to the rest of the series there is a minimum of abruptness in his statement.

Follow the money

Image: Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch / DC Comics

Sometimes, withering is not the way to go. Positive reinforcement is a valuable tool in raising your Bat-son Vigilante Adulto Grande.

The Hangover 2

Alfred and Bruce Wayne / Batman suffer aches and pains on very difficult nights, in The Batman’s Grave # 1, DC Comics (2019).

Image: Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch / DC Comics

Image: Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch / DC Comics

This scene occurs the morning after an afternoon in which Alfred and Bruce discuss whether their crusade is really the most efficient way to improve Gotham. Neither of them is ready to apologize, but even with a hangover, Alfred is ready to criticize Batman's methods and then rejoin him.


Here, Bruce explains his reasoning for taking over a murder case of Commissioner Gordon, while Alfred responds with some perspective on his supposed purpose. Bruce's confident security strikes the shocking image of James Gordon in the bathroom and the reminder of illegal police beatings.

As usual

What is there to say about this sublime moment? There is Alfred's blank face, even though he has moved away from Bruce. Then Bruce's face, completely impressed with Alfred's joke. From Alfred follow-up statement that you only need four hours of sleep per night, unlike bat Man, which has to use illegally obtained drugs to stay awake, such as a newb – It is the final blow.

This is a gold standard for writing Alfred Pennyworth, and you can quote me, a Batman expert, about that.


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