5 Tips to Help MacBook Users Game on the Go

Macs have several advantages over Windows-powered PCs — traditionally, they’re more stylish, secure, and intuitive. In addition,they connect more seamlessly to other products in the Apple ecosystem.

However, one disadvantage many Macs face is the shortage of video gaming options. Over the decades,Mac users have had a limited number of titles to choose from, partially because Mac machines lacked the hardware to run games. However, this changed over the last few years as Intel enhanced its integrated graphics processors, and Apple offered better discrete graphicscard options on its machines. 

While your MacBook still can’t run games as well as a gaming PC, it’s not helpless either. Here are some essential tips to help you game on your Apple laptop:  

Buy the Right Hardware

If gaming on your Apple laptop is important to you, then buy the right machine. It’s crucial to plan your purchase because you can’t upgrade your Mac. Buy at the right time of the year when Apple refreshes its products to have the best possible GPU, CPU, and chipset for your gaming addiction. 

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Adjust the Settings

Although your portable machine will stutter when it runs modern titles at ultra or high settings, it should achieve playable framerates at low to medium settings. Start by running games on low details and raise one setting at a time to get the most out of your hardware. 

Find the Right Games

Many platforms like Steam offer a wealth of high-quality titles that take advantage of your MacBook’s powerful CPU and are less restricted by weak GPUs. For example, strategy games such as Civilization, Total War, and Stardew Valley are excellent titles for MacBook users. Alternatively, you can use Boot Camp to run Windows on a partition of your storage drive and access more games. 

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Stay Secure

MacBooks are often the target of thieves because they’re expensive and usually well-maintained. Never leave your MacBook out of sight and keep it in a nondescript bag to avoid negative attention. Secure your MacBook with a strong password and biometric verification to keep thieves out. In addition, activate the Find My Mac feature to locate your machine if it’s lost or stolen. 

You should also secure your Mac from cybercriminals. There are now more threats against Macs than Windows, according to cybersecurity reports, because Macs have a more significant market share than before. 

Download software that’s light, lean, scans fast, and deletes all types of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) that slow down your MacBook and hinder its ability to run games. Improved performance and enhanced security are just some of the many good reasons why your Mac needs protection from malicious software. 

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Don’t Drain Your Battery

You will significantly shorten the lifespan of your laptop’s battery when you use it to play games sincea MacBook is usually only good for 300 to 1000 recharge cycles. When traveling, try to find a place to plug in your Mac before you start gaming.

Although your MacBook will never replace a gaming PC, it can run most games competently with some adjustments. With these five tips, you can stay safe, secure and get the most out of your MacBook as a gamer.

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