5 Tips To Improve Employee Productivity

#1 Ensure Employees Are Equipped With Job-Relevant Technology 

There are few things employees find more frustrating than being provided with thousands of “sophisticated” software packages and hardware devices that don’t contain any of the functions or tools necessary to enable them to complete the job at hand. Many employees often report that the technology they are supplied with even hinders their ability to efficiently complete their day-to-day tasks. So, make sure your company is investing in technology your employees actually need. You are consequently bound to see improved productivity stats.

#2 Embrace Cross-Training Programs

Small businesses often succeed as every employee is accustomed to putting on many hats. Think about a small, rural, combined hotel, bar and restaurant with just 8 rooms and imagine how many different roles every member of the small staff team must take on to satisfy customers. In a large company, one of the best ways to increase workers productively is to ensure employees are cross-trained. This means they will be able to work across multiple departments in a push and better understand how the work they complete in their specialized department is being processed by other departments. Cross-training programs also keep your employees motivated as they are constantly undertaking achievable new challenges. When you have a cross-trained employee base, you’ll never have to fear finding covers for staff absences and short-notice employment contract terminations.

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#3 Enrich Company Culture

While for many thinking about a company — a commercial enterprise — as having its own subculture may seem a bit odd, company cultures do exist and they can soon become disastrous if not carefully cultivated. Elements that contribute to workplace culture include the physical environment, brand voice, future vision, and company ethics. According to an article in one prolific research journal, rewarding teamwork and encouraging relationship building will boost employee productivity rates. The same article stated that companies centered around celebrating individual successes and maintaining hierarchies are destined to derail overall employee productivity rates.

Cultivating a positive company culture starts during the hiring process. What are your hiring practice guidelines? Are you looking for individuals that will fit in and inspire your current team?

#4 Engage In Effective Communication

All companies with blocked lines of communication between directors, managers, team leaders, and employees will inevitably run into worker productivity issues. When managers become skilled at listening to concerns and communicating effectively to employees their individual responsibilities and company expectations, a business will thrive. Most hard-working employees just want to know where they stand and find it hard to maintain motivation when all direct lines of communication are broken. Your goal should be to increase job satisfaction rates so you don’t lose employees who are assets to your firm when given the right directions and support.

#5 Outline Clear Goal and Track Performance

Your employees are almost guaranteed to work more productively when they know what they’re aiming for. Therefore, you need to set clear, achievable goals and measure all success. A work time tracker can go a long way to highlighting successes and failures when it comes to goals. Setting goals is pointless if you have no way to track progress and hold individual employees accountable for their successes (and failures).

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