6 Professions You Can Pursue with a Law Degree

From Hollywood films to best-selling novels, the legal sector always seems like a prestigious place. After all, fictional lawyers’ power and lifestyles can entice anyone to step into the legal world. Fortunately, law boasts plenty of benefits in the real world, too. It has a wide array of positions and ever-expanding practice areas. Thus, you can explore family, environmental, criminal, civil rights, or bankruptcy law and make a difference. 

With changing laws and legislations, lawyers work in a dynamic environment. Every case is unique and different, which means; you will welcome new challenges every day. Some might challenge your mental skills, while others can test the retention power. Most importantly, a career in law promises job stability. Unlike other industries, the legal sector has fared well despite all the economic downturns. As a result, the demand for competent lawyers is on the rise. 

Thus, if you are looking for a mentally stimulating yet rewarding career, the law field could be a perfect choice. You can work for companies and assist them with litigation. Otherwise, you can use your law degree to help people get justice. If you are unsure about the career choice, have a look below. Here are six professions you can pursue with a law degree. 

  1. Lawyer 

Unsurprisingly, becoming a lawyer is the most common choice when pursuing a law degree. You get to advise clients on all aspects of law and present their cases in court. Likewise, you have to provide legal advice and guidance, write contracts, and attend court hearings. Nevertheless, the type of clients you will work with depends on your qualification and specialization. Here are the top law specializations you can pursue. 

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  • Tax Lawyer: They advise businesses and government agencies on tax laws and disputes. They also resolve tax-related issues by filing appeals in tax court. Since the tax world is quite complex, anyone wanting to become a tax lawyer should complete LLM taxation online to learn the ropes. It would develop an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of tax law. 
  • Family Lawyer: These lawyers assist clients with inheritance procedures. They also defend clients in child custody battles and divorce proceedings. 
  • Corporate Lawyer: They work with large companies and advise leaders regarding business decisions that could lead to legal actions. Besides, they also prepare company contracts to ensure it is not breaking any laws. 
  1. Management Consultant 

Every company has a management consultant who assists managers in performing business functions more efficiently in the corporate world. Recognizing their apt management skills, law firms are also in search of management consultants. They extend a series of frameworks, systems, and models to help lawyers with their practice. Typically, the job roles include organizing, bookkeeping, and managing day-to-day issues in the law practice. Although consulting is not a purely law-related job, it offers lucrative returns. On average, law management consultants can earn up to $90,500 annually. 

  1. Senior Compliance Officer
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With governments introducing new regulations and legislations every day, businesses are experiencing compliance issues. A minor pitfall or mistake with the laws can lead to hefty penalties for the companies. Hence, organizations are searching for compliance officers. They ensure the company maintains procedures that align with the regulatory framework issued by the state. Likewise, they also oversee corporate compliance, both locally and at the federal level. 

Besides, compliance officers can also train employees in compliance procedures to close doors for legal troubles. In short, the owner keeps the doors of the company open. At the same time, a compliance officer removes all legal obstacles that can hinder growth. 

  1. Paralegal 

In the law field, a paralegal is a critical and rewarding position. Paralegals take over specific tasks to help lawyers prepare for the case. Usually, it includes research work, going through the bylaws, and checking the client’s records. Similarly, they can also draft pleadings and offer legal advice to the clients. Paralegals have substantial knowledge of the law and standard procedures. But they don’t experience the pressure that a typical lawyer face. Thus, you can become a paralegal without even giving the BAR exam. 

  1. Policy Analyst 

Unlike conventional law jobs, policy analysts devise policies in real-time. They work with legislative bodies, non-profit organizations, and large corporations to develop the company’s policies. They also assist with the management of policy frameworks to implement plans. Similarly, policy analysts gather data using research to understand public opinion and craft relevant policies. Moreover, they also offer consultation to people who have something at stake in their initiatives. For instance, an investor might have bought shares of illegal land. 

  1. Mediator
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Do you have brilliant problem-solving skills? If so, use them to maintain civil relationships between the conflicting parties. As a mediator, you will solve disputes with patience and strategy. You have to facilitate communication between the parties to help them reach a voluntary resolution. You can also ask questions to clarify ambiguities and explore options for settlement. Remember, the mediator has to remain impartial. Thus, no matter which party was negligent or whose mistake it was, you have to take an unbiased stance during the entire process. 

To Conclude 

The legal profession is the most gratifying and exciting industry. Sure, not every day will be like an episode of Suits, but you can still become the Harvey Specter of your legal world. Firstly, explore different professions in the law field and choose a career that aligns with your interests. Second, look for opportunities to make a difference in others’ life and help people get justice. After all, with a law degree, you can contribute in many different ways.

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