6 Tips to Make This the Summer of Saving

When the sun comes out and the weather finally improves, you want to get out and seize the day. It’s the season for hanging out with friends, day trips, and enjoying life to the fullest.

Unfortunately, that “carpe diem” attitude often turns into an enormous credit card bill.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up on summer if you want to save money. These tips can help you save while still making the most of the best season of the year.

1) Get Your Interest Rates Reduced

Carrying a credit card balance is one of the most unnecessarily expensive things you can do. The problem is, clearing that balance is easier said than done. Sometimes it takes time to make a dent in what you owe.

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In the meantime, credit counselling can help you reduce your interest rates. A certified Credit Counsellor from a non-profit credit counselling agency can negotiate with your creditors to reduce or stop those charges. That saves you money every month and helps you get out of debt sooner.

2) Save on Gas – Ride a Bike

You may not be ready to give up your car – it’s a big step. But you can cut down on gas usage by hopping on a bike for everyday errands or social events. It’s also a great workout.

3) Grow Food in the Garden

If you’re hopeless with your house plants, you may want to skip this one. But if you have the space in a backyard, you can grow your own food. Even living in an apartment, you can grow vegetables on a balcony like tomatoes, beans, eggplants, and peppers. They make a great supplement to dinner.

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4) Enjoy the Park

Do you ever feel like every time you go anywhere, it involves spending money? The temptation to hit the patios for brunch or cocktails is strong, and it can turn every social occasion into an expensive one.

If you want to save, trade the patio for a picnic. When the weather’s nice, you have way more opportunities to enjoy public space, where you don’t have to pay someone so you can hang out with friends. It can also be a great way to explore your city.

5) Skip the Gym

Why pay to work out indoors when the world is your oyster? Skip the gym membership and start jogging, biking, and getting your cardio outdoors.

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Gym membership costs range widely depending on the facilities, but even a mid-range facility can cost $60 a month. That’s $720 a year that you could put into your savings or use to pay down debt.

If your workout requires the gym, consider ways you can save. Would it make more sense to pay per visit than a monthly fee, if possible?

6) Don’t Crank the Air Conditioner

Finally, trim your bills by keeping the air conditioner a few degrees higher. Consider relying on fans and open windows on milder days, and embrace outdoor living.

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