6 Trendy Ideas to Decorate Small Balcony Spaces

Balconies are ideal spaces for every home where you can spend most of your evenings in the summers. Most homeowners often assume that small balconies are too hard to decorate. This is not true at all. The following are some simple and trendy ideas to help you decorate your small balcony to make it look charming and inviting at the same time-

      1-Make it vibrant with blooms – If you have a small balcony, window boxes are your best friends. Instead, invest in balcony blooms that beautify not only your home but the whole neighbourhood as well. 

They look even more stunning than blooms on the ground. The vertical perspective of blooms renders your home an unexpected and interesting dimension. To top it all, it is one of the simplest decorating ideas for your balcony around!

      2-Treat your small balcony like your living room – You can convert your small balcony into a space that you would be proud enough to have. After all, you would want to spend as much time as you can on your balcony. 

Add some attractive outdoor curtains to your balcony door and throw in some cozy armchairs. You can even add a coffee table, a couch and some lighting settings like candles. Keep a throw blanket on the small balcony. Since it is an outdoor area of your home, visit your nearest flea market and get some affordable accessories for space. 

    3-Secure mirrors into the small space – Instead of investing in classic art pieces for your small balcony, invest in a mosaic of mirrors to hang on the wall. This accentuates your balcony’s view, and there will be no fights about the sitting arrangements as everyone can see the view from wherever they sit down. 

    4-Go in for glass doors – Glass doors highlight a minimalist small balcony and give you the illusion that you are working outdoors although your desk is inside. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors are ideal for the above look. 

    5-Select the paint colour wisely – You should choose the right paint colour for the railings of your small balcony and the walls. The colour you choose should blend in well with the natural surroundings outside. Pastel and light hues are a good shade for your small balcony. 

    6-Less is more – For getting a stylish and comfortable small balcony, set up a seating arrangement with some vintage furniture pieces. For example, use a pair of antique chairs that take a small amount of space on the balcony. Heart-shaped chairs will also make the space look inviting and comfortable. 

When you are buying furniture for your small balcony or, for that matter, any outdoor space, do not invest in very expensive pieces. You should keep the external weather elements in mind. Throw in some vibrant cushions and for privacy from your neighbours, always use a good room divider that blocks the view. If you have a very small balcony, place a slim bench in the space with a side chair. The area will look cozy and become one of the most relaxing spaces in your home!

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