6 Types of Snowboards Beginners Must Know About


Are you ready to choose the perfect fit snowboard for your body size or style of riding? Picking the right fit is the first important step to have an enjoyable experience in snowboarding. A wrong board can result in difficulty in stabilisation, carve, and turn.

When choosing, you have to be aware of the type of board available. You must also know the best shape and flex. Be specific with the length and width which should fit your body. You also have to know how to set up your board properly and its features, which may impact your performance.

For a beginner, you might be overwhelmed with the different types available in the market. So, if you are looking for an idea on which type to buy or use, then you are in the right place.

Get a snowboard that complements your experience, riding style, and the terrain type you’re riding. The list below will help you select the right one:

  • Freestyle Board
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This board is meant for snowboard park, ½ pipe, doing tricks across the mountain or catching air. These can also be utilised as urban boards and are designed for fast manoeuvring while doing tricks. Freestyle types are perfect for riders of any level and a great board for a beginner because of their softer flex.

  • All-Mountain Board

This type of board is made for catching air in the park and cruising through powder. You can use an all-mountain board for trees, groomers, jumps, parks, and side hits. This board is a good option for new riders wanting to progress to a higher level.

  • Freeride Board

Freeride boards are designed for trees, deeps, and steeps. These are directional boards; they are made for going forward down the mountain. These boards have typically firm flex and great vibration damping for immovability at higher speeds.

These boards are best fit for riders who love powder runs in bowls and trees, freshly groomed slopes in the morning, and have no interest in doing tricks and riding in parks. Expert riders and intermediate level riders who are on their way to the expert level, this type is for you.

  • Free Carve Board
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The free carve type is designed for groomer carving and hard pack. Yes, this type is for carving turns. This design affords fast speed on any terrain, making it a good fit for intermediate and expert level riders.

  • Power Board

Powerboard types are made to give the best floatation in the deepest snow. These types are for riders of any level who want to perform best in making fresh tracks on snow, dropping pillow lines and surf-inspired turns. Powerboards are the ones which you will want to bring on a special snowcat or Heli-skiing trip. 

  • Splitboard

These types of boards split in half and turn into skis. A split board allows access to the backcountry. They are different from the other types of boards because they have the uphill ability and use clips, skins, hooks, and particular split board binding. Split boards are for particular riders looking for backcountry access and who want to navigate clear lift lines.


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Now that you have read the different snowboard types head to the nearest store to pick the best choice for you.

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