7 Amazing Facts about Australian Wool Quilt

Wool Quilt

Creating and producing textiles is one of the most successful and multi-directional driving forces behind the global economy. People worldwide use textiles, either in clothing, decoration, furnishing, or even to start a business of their own. That said, one of the most interesting textiles is the Australian wool quilt.

Aside from being famous for being both an independent country and a continent at the same time, Australia is also known for the land without any active volcano. Australians are famous as well for introducing several inventions to the world. These include the BlackBox, ultrasound, smoke alarms, penicillin, and the refrigerator. While only around 14% of their population belong to the manufacturing sector, that’s not to say that their contributions to the country’s growth and stability are not valuable.

Their textile production, particularly for the wool quilt, is booming in Australia. The wool quilt is a type of cloth structured from high-quality materials and provides several uses and benefits. Here are some of the most striking qualities that you must know about this type of textile:


The wool quilt is made purely of natural fiber. It is renewable and does not pose any long-term side effects that could harm the environment, animals or humans. Most textile producers also pair it with a non-artificial spray to dye it and preserve its quality.


The second most amazing detail about wool or wool quilt is its high resistance to fire or extreme heat next to being eco-friendly. This means that you are not only kept comfortable when you use this fabric, but you are also well-protected.

Easy to clean

Wool is a fairly low-maintenance fabric. Like the ones accumulated from dirt or soil, some stains are easily wiped off using a wet sponge. This can make for a good placemat or rug if you have toddlers or pets at home or if you are into gardening and tend to scatter soil around your house.


The wool quilt is not just excellent during the hot and warm seasons. It is also excellent in preserving heat and regulating your body temperature. Other fabrics tend to reduce humidity yet may not provide enough warmth or irritable some people with skin allergies. Wool is different because it is flexible in different weather conditions and is safe to be used even by people with skin asthma and other conditions involving the skin.


The textile is quite durable. When stored and maintained properly, it can last a long time. You get to save more in terms of the length and number of times you can use it.

Excellent for crafting

Wool is also a great medium for embroidery. It works well with several different types of threads. Not only that, it serves as the perfect canvas to make any embroidery or applicate look exquisite and beautiful.


With all the amazing benefits and qualities that Australian wool quilt has to offer, it’s not surprising that it would be priced at a much higher rate than other types of fabrics or textiles. Regardless of its not-so-budget-friendly price, every penny you spend on wool is worth it because you get to have a material that is easy to customize, flexible, safe, and non-hazardous to your family and nature.

What other amazing facts do you know about the wool quilt?

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