7 Creative Summer Fundraising Ideas for Your Organization


Fundraising for nonprofits is a constant effort. Unfortunately, it is easy to get caught up in traditional fundraisers and begin losing donor interests. While RE system integration can help you understand donors’ interests, you will need to come up with interesting ideas to keep them giving. Since it is the summer, there are at least seven ideas you can try to motivate more donations.

1. Set Up a Beach Volleyball Tournament

If you have a donor base of athletic or family-focused individuals, consider a beach volleyball tournament. Your Raiser’s Edge software should help you pick out the right donors to target. You can charge a fee for entry into the tournament, and you can have raffles, food, and other event tickets to maximize donations and profits.

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2. Organize a 5k Charity Run

While not a unique idea, a 5k charity run is an excellent and proven fundraising strategy. While runners will typically do most of the work for raising money, your organization can also sell food and hold raffles during the event to make more money for your cause. You can also include entry fees for the race. Don’t forget to use Salesforce for donor management to keep track of participants.

3. Water Balloon Fight

A more unique and family-friendly event is a water balloon fight fundraiser. It is a popular option for schools or children’s charities, but it is a good option for many organizations. Again, you can charge for entry and registration, hold raffles, and sell food and merchandise. However, be sure to keep things affordable and fun.

4. Movie Screening

Movie screenings are another popular fundraising option, but you do need to be careful. You cannot charge for the movie because that can infringe on protected copyrights. However, you can sell popcorn, hot dogs, soda, and raffle tickets without getting into trouble. Many organizations choose to have a drive-in movie night to celebrate the warm weather.

5. Outdoor Adventures

If you really want to capitalize on the summer weather, organize outdoor adventures. For example, plan hikes or camping trips and charge people to take part in the trip. While many people love camping and hiking, they often hate planning. By giving your donors access to a planned and all-inclusive outing, you can charge a premium, allowing you to provide food and transportation and still make a profit.

6. Barbecue

Food and fundraisers typically go hand-in-hand. To incorporate the summer theme, throw a barbecue for your donors. You can make money by selling tickets per plate and allowing to-go orders. If you only sell tickets before the event and not during, you can usually have a strong indication of how much food you will need and how much you can make.

7. Ice Cream Party

Because of the summer heat, many donors will appreciate an ice cream party. Kids and adults alike enjoy the cool treat, and the best part is it is not too expensive. Ice cream socials typically allow for decent earning potential, and you can include other activities during the event to raise more money.

Are you ready to start your summer fundraising efforts? Reach out to a nonprofit management firm to discuss the best options for your organization.

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