7 Online Games For An Unbeatable Virtual Game Night

7 Online Games For An Unbeatable Virtual Game Night


Everyone can agree that playing games is a good way to connect and spend some quality time with our friends and loved ones. Games tickle your mind, draw out your competitive edge, and most importantly, are an incredible way to build camaraderie.

Games played face to face are often the most exciting and fun, but we have to admit that meeting in person has its fair share of problems. Outdoor games are highly dependent on the weather, and even indoor games require some degree of planning and commuting to and fro. There are also special circumstances in which meeting IRL just doesn’t pan out — a quarantine, for example, or an injury. 

Luckily for us living in the twenty-first century, we can still have a blast with our friends through games like this one. The answer is glaringly obvious — we can play online! Whether you like old-school board games or newer games made for the digital platform, chances are that you can find something super enjoyable online that you can play with your group of friends. 

Let’s dive right into our top seven picks for online games: 

1. Skribbl 

This easily makes the top seven games as both the interface and the rules are very simple, making it enjoyable for all ages. In a nutshell, how it works is that players take turns drawing a word or a phrase on the screen. When it’s your turn, only you will be able to see the word or the phrase. Other players will have to guess the word as quickly as possible to earn points. 

Another plus point is that you can create private multiplayer rooms that can host up to 12 people, so you can rest assured that you’re playing only with people you know. You can also customize the words generated to make it more relevant and specific to your friend group. 

2. Psych!

This game requires everyone to download a free app. It might seem a little of a hassle at first, but once you get started, you’ll realize that it’s all worth it. The main objective of this game is to try and trick your friends into choosing fake answers to real-life trivia questions. 

For example, in the trivia question “What kind of anxiety disorders did Darwin suffer from?”, you would anonymously present options like “PTSD” and “OCD” to your friends. It will show up on their app alongside the real answer. If they choose your answer instead of the real answer, you win a point. This game builds up your friendship and general knowledge, so what’s there not to like? 

3. Dominoes 

This game seems to be easy to play at first glance. After all, it’s just “matching” the tiles and laying them out, right? Well, in actual fact, it’s one of the games that require the most strategy and thinking to emerge victorious. It isn’t just luck — you need to put some brains into laying your tiles in the most strategic way in order to win.

There are a number of versions of online Dominoes to choose from, but we recommend the one from Playdrift as it allows you to play a multiplayer version with up to four people. So instead of battling a bot, you’ll be battling your friends head-on.  

4. Spyfall

If you’re good at thinking on your feet, this is a great game for you. You’ve watched the movies and seen how detectives piece things together, seemingly out of nowhere, to solve the case. Well, with Spyfall you can try your hand in some old-school investigation and detective work. 

How it works is that every group will secretly have a “spy”, whose job is to blend in as much as possible to avoid being detected. The trick is that everyone except the spy knows a certain location, and has to take turns asking each other questions about this location. They then have to try deducing who the spy is. 

The only downside to this game is that it’s most fun when played in larger groups with about six people and up. However, that’s not to say it won’t be fun when played in twos or threes, though in those cases it would be difficult for the spy to stay hidden for long. 

5. Codenames 

Another brain teaser, Codenames is a fun way to test your vocabulary and also your friendship. It’s a test of how well you know the way your friends think, and how you can come up with words and strategies under pressure. How it goes is this: two teams appoint a spymaster each. The spymaster’s job is to enable their teammates to guess the words on the board that belongs to them. They will take turns to give clues, and try to be faster than the other team in identifying all the words, or “code names” that belongs to the group. 

For the best experience, get a video call running concurrently to playing this game. The distressed look on your friends’ faces will be absolutely worth it. 

6. Cards Against Humanity

This card game is a hot favorite for game nights and continues to be one online. Catered to people aged 18 and up, this game taps on your clique’s sense of strange and sometimes morbid humor. 

Essentially a limited version of fill in the blanks, your job is to choose a card from your hand that would complete the sentence in a funny way. As you probably already know by now, each card has something weird printed on it, from spoofing presidential quotes to downright dirty innuendos. It may not be suitable for kids, but it’ll definitely make for a hilarious bonding night for older teens and adults. 

7. Quizarium on Telegram Messenger 

If you’re a sucker for trivia nights, this one’s for you. Play the ultimate trivia game and compete against your friends, all from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is to create a friend group on the Telegram Messenger App. You can only do this if all your friends have validated accounts, so be sure to make sure of this beforehand! Then add the Quizarium Bot into the group and hit start. 

With topics ranging from movies to geography, you won’t be bored with the questions. You’ll also have to keep active as speed counts towards your final points. A protip to take note of is to remind friends who took a rain check to turn off their phone notifications for this app, or risk waking up to hundreds of message notifications in the morning! 


If this list shows us anything, it’s that we can still have fun with games even without actually meeting each other. Now that it’s easier than ever, take time to play and connect with others. With games from Spyfall to Cards Against Humanity, you’ll never be bored again. 

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