7 Ways To Make The First Day Of School Special For Your Tiny Tot

Tiny Tot

The first day of school is an exciting affair and it will be remembered forever by you and your tiny tot!

To create such a vivid memory, however, you should try and create tailored moments for your child. Of course, the experience is going to be different for everyone, but what you can do is plan some kinder things to do on that special day for your kid. 

Gifts are an important part of every and any celebration. Since the first day of your kid’s school is no less than a celebration, why not try to get their favourite things as gifts for them and keep their ‘first-day excitement’ spirit on?

If you’re unsure as to what to get for your child, here’s a list of some ways through which you can make your tot’s first day at school special.

  1. New School Supplies

To keep those spirits of excitement alive, indulge in a shopping spree with your kid. 

The new school year will ask for new school supplies, like books, pencil colours and stationery. This means, shopping for new supplies will bring you and your kid closer and make you a part of the beginning of a beautiful journey.

For those who are homeschooling, the new curriculum and activities will help to keep the excitement intact. 

  1. A New Outfit
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The first days are always about the first impression and trying to show the best version of you. 

To make these first impressions up to the mark, get your kid a brand new outfit, probably of his favourite colour, so that he feels confident and comfortable while talking to other kids in the school.

  1. Balloons 

Like gifts, balloons are also a symbol of celebration. Also, who does not like a room full of balloons when you wake up in the morning? 

If you feel like this is going overboard, perhaps tie one special looking balloon to your kid’s dining chair so when he sits on it for breakfast, he will rejoice! 

  1. A Special Breakfast 

The first day of school can be chaotic, so plan the mornings accordingly. Maybe you could consider cooking them a scrumptious breakfast of their choice, like pancakes, cinnamon rolls or whatever they like the most! 

When you are driving your kid to school, you can even plan a trip to the doughnut store for that special breakfast. Just make sure you plan and have plenty of time to cook AND eat before school starts.

  1. Ride in the Car
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If your child walks to the school, maybe offer a drive on his first day. You can talk about distracting things with your tiny tot, so he does not feel nervous at all during his first day at school. 

You can let your child know you are there for him, from beginning to the end, in all of it!

  1. A Special Lunch

Food is the language of love and care, and it is a means to bind people together. A surprise special lunch can do wonders for your child too, especially if he is having a bad first day. A special lunch can also act as a good ice breaker if your child has not been able to make new friends. 

Who knows, you can be the official ‘favourite cook’ of his class!

  1. Look Forward to their Homecoming
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Sometimes, the tiniest gestures make somebody’s day brighter. If you await their arrival, they will know that they were missed. So, if the child comes home by bus, be ready to receive and greet them at the bus stop. Similarly, if you pick them up, be prepared to hear their stories of the first day on the car ride home. 

A child entering a new environment is going to bring a little discomfort in their day. You have to make sure that you are ready with their comfort, their home. 

To Sum Up..

The first days of the school year are always bittersweet and there is only so much that you have control over. Small or big, every gesture speaks volumes about your support in your child’s new world when they need it. 

Through this list of ways, you will be able to bring a smile to your tiny tot’s face, hopefully, more than once on the difficult yet memorable day of his/her first day at school!  

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