Allied Wallet CEO Dr Andy Khawaja Explains!How He Paved the Way for Online Payment Solutions in Acquisition International?

How He Paved the Way for Online Payment Solutions in Acquisition International? - Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet Explains!

Allied Wallet CEO Dr Andy Khawaja is basically a global leading provider of online payment solutions. Allied Wallet has always been known for its multi-currency merchant services, and a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. It was also featured in an issue of Acquisition International which happened post the Allied Wallet organization was awarded a title of the Customized Payment Solutions Provider of the year. Acquisition International honors and identifies the most successful companies in the world. It has been rewarding them for the success and achievement post identification. Allied Wallet was certainly one of them. Each month the Acquisition International used to release their own publication detailing the latest news in the genre of business and corporate finance, and this time, Allied Wallet took the highlight.

Allied Wallet: Exclusive interview of CEO Dr Andy Khawaja with the Acquisition International

The issue of Acquisition International prodly featured an exclusive interview with CEO Andy Khawaja in its article. The content was entitled as the “Leading the Way in Online Payment Processing.” CEO Andy Khawaja, also named as the ‘messiah of e-commerce’ as Acquisition International refers to him talks about he took ahead his business by overcoming all the hurdles that came along his way. This article mentions Andy’s growth from the scratch and all that took him to build this empire, that we today know as the ‘Allied Wallet’. He said that he has built his business from the ground up. It took years for him to specialize in the field of security and global payment processing.

However, his team didn’t give up and now it is all because of their consistency and hard work that they could successfully offer their service to more than 100 million users all over the world. He said that growing his business was never easy. The CEO Andy Khawaja certainly had to meet his fair share of adversity along the way but he was always persistent in his approach.

Allied Wallet: Journey in the mouth of the CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja

The CEO says that the real beauty of success lies when one gets rejected. It’s only when we get rejected that we strive for the success even more. That’s when we start working harder. The only advice that he would give to anyone is that we should never give up. There is hope all around one. Therefore, one should always believe in oneself and the dreams that he or she had pursued. Dr Andy serves more than 190 nations across the world today but the journey involved his hard work and dedication. He had to overcome a lot of obstacles. He had even witnessed an industry-low fraud rate of 0.02%.

However, he, on behalf of the organization takes pride in being able to protect the business owners with state-of-the-art fraud protection and security. “There’s a need to protect consumers all over the world,” Andy Khawaja said. The CEO even said, “We’re the master in global processing. Today, we’re changing the future of transactions.”

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