Apple Watch 5 Series – Release Date, Specifications and Rumors

Apple watch 5 series

Apple, a company that was started by Steve Jobs with a vision to provide the best phones to the world had outclassed every other phone in the market at that time. After so many years of colossal success of the company, Apple had started investing their money and time in making smart watches.

Smartwatch was a new thing that was introduced to the market with Apple’s tag on it. The brilliant performance of the smartwatches did not surprise us due to Apple’s well-Established name already engraved in the tech industry.

Cupertino based tech giant has released the Apple watch series 4 along with new phones (iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs max and iPhone XR) in the month of September 2018. We all know, following the release of the new Apple watch series 4, we are going to witness the series 5 Apple watch with much better features and enticing design. Well, it is a no-brainer to guess how Apple will come next year with its new series? A simple logic will say that they will come with an obvious scintillating design, with much better features that will help in the area of health and fitness, and also upgrading it internally will give it a revamped texture.

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Apple watch 5

Release date
With the trend that Apple has set, we can say that the release of Apple watch series 5 could break the internet in the month of September 2019. So, it is most obvious to think that Apple is going to launch its next smartwatch in the year 2019, as it has always released a new version of smartwatch every year from the debut of the Apple smartwatch. However, one thing we are not sure about Apple is that they could change the name of the upcoming Watch series 5(they Could add some initials to the number) should they find any motive to do so.

Apple had not done any changes in the first 3 versions of the smartwatches (apart from some new colors, cosmetic tweaks and a red spot on cellular model), however, it has now changed the design in the latest series 4 smartwatch. And from the design point of view, we are not sure how many major changes are on the cards, but we can say that we can manifest some definite small changes in the bezel, display glass or the back body of the smartwatch. And yes, who knows they can make the series 5 watch even slimmer than series 4.

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Health features
Apple has described that the watch as an “intelligent guardian for your health” and substantiated that up with the related updates of health. Apple claims that the new watches will come with an ECG function which they claim can only run with an ECG application, w is due for release later in the year.

However, if they fail to do so we might get an inbuilt application in Series 5. The ECG function will run a test when you will place a finger on its crown provided you have a separate app of ECG on which it runs.

Tech specs


Since the new watch series 4 is equipped with a new S4 processor chip which promises the speed to be twice as fast as its previous generation chip. The experts of Apple have worked every year to get the chip advance towards sophistication and with the advancement of the chip, they try to make a smarter device which would work better than its predecessor. So, we can expect that the next smarter chip in Apple watch series 5 will be named as S5 which will attain new heights with its intelligence and sophistication.

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The company, Apple Inc promises the battery life to be around 18 hours, which sounds pretty impressive, but think it in a way where you have to track your sleep and at that time you are charging the battery, every night. Isn’t that frustrating?

Apple should give a look in the area of the battery life and keep its future watch series 5 buyers excited about the battery life of Apple watch series 5.

We know that the rumored watch series 5 will definitely have a better battery backup considering the problems it has on sleep tracking thing.

The exciting feel of the new OS version makes us pay that hefty amount to buy new gadgets and we are sure that the Apple watch series 5 will come with a much-upgraded OS 6 version. We can’t wait to see the new features and interface tweaks in the upcoming OS 6 which we think can blow our mind.

The release of the watch series 5 is far away, but it will give us more time to analyze the best things it can bring with it.

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