Avengers 4 – Trailer, Release Date and Rumors

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The Avengers 4 is the most anticipated movie yet to hit the screens. As we know it had featured the likes of Dr Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Christ Pratt and of course Scarlet Johansson, to entertain us with their wit and superpowers. We were enjoying every bit of the witty talks of Iron man (Tony Stark) along with the action produced by him. And the mighty power of Thor kept us captivated to our seats and not to mention, the sheer strength of Hulk along with a little comedy made us feel worth watching it. Also,there were several other superheroes added to the story
later in the series.

Release Date: Avengers 4 is expected to release on 26 April 2019.

Talking about the last part, Avengers 3, we got to see some tragic stunts which killed some of the known Avengers faces.

While, it is much anticipated that the known faces turned to dust by Thanos, will be resurrected in the Avengers 4, there is one news report saying “it will only get worse”.Avenger 4 cast

Recently, the actor Elizabeth Olsen was present at Ace Comic-Con along with Tom Hiddleston, where they were seen discussing the upcoming Avengers movie. Elizabeth Olsen played the role of scarlet witch/Wanda and had split some beans about the movie. Though the cast and crew of the film have zipped their lips over giving some insight on the Avengers 4, but every now and then, new information is making a way to the social media.
The news report “it will only get worse” was an indication by Elizabeth where she meant that in the next part the life of the Avengers will only get worse. She also indicated that things will not get any better for Wanda Maximoff in the film.

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The two were seen discussing on the climax sequence of Avengers: Infinity war in which the character Scarlet witch kills vision in order to save the mind stone from Thanos. Killing her on-screen husband Vision was no easy task for her to call it a sacrifice. Even though Scarlet destroyed the stone initially, Thanos uses the time stone and revokes her sacrifice and takes charge of the mind stone. Occupying the last stone from Avengers, Thanos forgathers the complete Infinity Gauntlet in the end. Highlighting about loki’s death we can say that after few minutes into the film, the spectators were dumbfounded to see Thanos kill Loki- god of mischief, in front of his brother Thor. And in the ACE Comic
Con, he addressed a fan’s question with this theory that is interesting to listen.

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After being asked if Loki will ever get redemption, to this, Tom Hiddleston replied, “he is redeemed and I found it very moving because Loki, as a character, has been broken for so long”. Tom mentioned without revealing much that he is also unclear if Loki survived at the hands of Thanos or not. Although, he was spotted at the set of Avengers 4, making the fans believe he is not dead yet.

Is Loki dead, alive or found redemption? To know this we need to wait until they release the movie in 2019.

Moreover, it has been cleared by the marvel that Avengers 4 will be the last part of the Series Avengers and fans are speculating on how the story will turn out. There are several characters in the movie that were killed by Thanos’ single snap, and much speculation is going on for who will make it out alive.

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One of the biggest rumors is that Thanos might not have used the gauntlet to destroy half of the universe; instead, he used the soul stone to send the fallen heroes to the soul world. Besides the Mind stone, the soul stone is the only gem that Thanos does not use, even though it was the first stone that he has acquired from the Avengers. This stone is sentient and has a desire to accumulate souls by entrapping them in an idyllic dimension called as the Soul World.

Immediately after snapping his fingers, Thanos is transported to the world which was described as beautiful, orange-colored by the Russo Brothers.

If Thanos was sent here after using the gauntlet, many fans believe that the Avengers and Guardians could be there too. The soul stone could have used its power to trap these souls inside the gem. If so, it would be easy to bring back our favorite heroes back to Avengers 4.

Well, to know how the story unfolds we need to wait and watch what will actually transpire in the movie Avengers 4.

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