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Xiaomi originated a new machine which cools and heats the room; these features were to be seen in Xiaomi’s smart Air conditioner under its Mijia brand. Yes, you heard right! Not only does this air conditioner cools up space it also has the propensity to heat the atmosphere in winter as well. For delivering the heat this machine utilizes a 900W electric heater along with 1.5HP DC inverter compressor.

Xiaomi Air conditioner promises to cool a room of measuring between 16 to 21 square meters. Simply put, it has the capacity of 1.5-ton (equivalent to 12000 BTU), if we were to convert it into the regular standard of Air conditioner’s measuring unit. The device can convert to a heater when required and can heat a similar sized room effectively. This is a two-way unit with a capacity to cool down the room with 3500W, a heating capacity of 4500W and a cooling airflow rate of 700m3 hour. The smart Mi DC inverter air conditioner employs a Hitachi made a compressor, a low power but high-performance DC motor.

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MI Air conditioner

It comes with a six years warranty. The company also says that to make certain of the pure air, it has equipped washable anti-bacterial filter inside.

Coming to the design it has a simple white design and curvy edges at the corner and a logo of SmartMi on the front panel. The product has been equipped with an OLED display for checking the temperature and for operating modes. It was observed that the design is similar to the Mi Air purifier pro and Mi Air purifier launched at the year’s start.

The most distinctive feature of the product is that it has the ability to navigate the AC through the SmartMi Air application where users can regulate the temperature accuracy up to 0.1degree C and can check the power consumption of this device. Even if you are not a smartphone user the company has provided the remote which comes in a white colour to control the temperature of the room.

The Smart MI Dc inverter Air conditioner was launched only in China for 4399 Yaun ($660) from August 16. And, it is really comforting the users with its fresh cool air by making them forget their tedious day in a fraction of second.

By reading this news article I am sure many would want this dual unit to be used in their rooms. But nothing has been confirmed when they are going to launch this smart Ac in India. A rough guess could say it would land by mid-2019 in India. For now, We can only imagine being blessed with this multi-unit Smart Ac in our homes.

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