OnePlus 7T – Release Date, Specifications and Rumors

From the inception, the brand One plus has made a name for itself, and its co-founder Pete Lau leaves no stones un turned when it comes to producing high-end quality phones. The Shenzhen- based mobile company released the first model and were made available through invite, a rather unusual way to start. The users loved the phones and its specifications which were affordable and had the quality of elite phones of that time.
We have come a long way from one plus 1 to one plus 6, and the company one plus is not stopping just yet, and why should they? considering the marvelous phones they are delivering to this generation.

The last phone that they had released was one plus 6 and the phone has garnered some remarkable response from the users using it. The upcoming phone they are about to launch is one plus 6T and its launch date is set on October 30 2018. So, the phone One plus 7T is far from its launch date, however, that Is not enough to stop us from speculating what’s cooking inside.

One Plus 7T Mobile







Release Date

One plus 6T is set to be released on October 30, this year and the next phone after 6T probably will be named, one plus 7 that could land anywhere around May or June of 2019. So, we are damn sure that after the release of one plus 7, we are going to see a much-upgraded version in One plus 7T in the year 2020. The release month, however, is perplexing due to company’s no single fixed month pattern set for their phone’s launch.
Earlier, they had launched in the month of May, June and now, they have teased that something will be happening in the month of January 2019. And it is much speculated that they are talking about their next flagship phone’s release date (One plus 7).

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If everything goes according to the stats then we can say that in the year 2020, we could see an exhilarating gadget one plus 7T in our hands.

What major changes can we see in One plus 7T?

5G connection
The Shenzhen based company’s CEO Pete Lau had given heads up that they are ready to take the challenge of making 5G compatible smartphones. With the launch of 5G connectivity phones, not only does One plus company promises an advancement towards the faster network, but it also fastens its belt for a race with its future nemesis Mi, who has already started making the 5G connectivity phones. We know for sure that with the quality One plus offers and also, getting a 5G connectivity will be an icing on the cake for the One plus 7T phone users in the future.

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Processor and storage
One plus had always come on top when it comes to providing an ample amount of storage capacity over its counterparts. One of the Sources suggests that the upcoming One plus phones are ready to be fueled with the unreleased Snapdragon 855 processor. This unreleased processor promises an edge over the 845 processor in the area of performance and efficiency. Moreover, if rumors are to be true then it expected that the phone will be equipped with 8GB Ram coupled with 256 GB storage space. Isn’t that amazing to have a phone which works smoothly and efficiently, both at the same time? If you have answered yes, then please do read some more interesting things that One plus is going to add to its rumored One plus 7T phone.

Wireless charging

We are keen to know what One plus thinks about the wireless charging support? The latest phone of one plus did not come with the wireless charging system and it was a bummer to the users who are already acquainted with the wireless charging and were looking to switch to One plus phones. The wireless charging makes the life easier and can increase the overall battery life of the phone.

We are hoping that One plus is going to make this change to keep its future buyers in the line of buying their pristine phones. One major thing that we can always expect from one plus is a high-power capacity battery added to One plus 7T, anywhere above 4000 mAh.

The major changes that it can look into is the audio quality of the speakers which are not impressive at all in One plus 6. And also, one plus 7T can be the first one plus phone to feature an in-glass fingerprint sensor.

We have just the idea of what One plus could do in the future and we hope that they do almost like what we have discussed here.

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