A blind woman wins the battle for being refused: Uber will pay her $1.1 m

NewsDio Desk : An uncivilized scenario of a responsible company namely Uber has come to the fore where it refused to give ride to a blind woman on not just one or two, but on 14 different occasions. 

Yes, Lisa Irving who aired her humiliation on being rejected by the driver, just because she was accompanied by a guiding dog as the driver seemed to be skeptical in carrying both of them along. 

It seemed that Uber has to reconsider the deployment of drivers as few of them don’t reflect humanity. Yes, one of the drivers played with emotions of the lady by falsely cutting short the trip under the guise of telling that the lady has actually arrived at the destination. 

The independent arbitrator has showcased about the gross misconduct reported by the driver who clearly set an example of height of discrimination for the vulnerable lady. 

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Uber has earlier claimed of innocence due to the fact that the drivers were contractors and not employees, and it clearly rejected them. 

Mrs. Irving being visually impaired feared for her life, after she wasn’t properly taken care of, by the driver who stranded them various time even in middle of the night.

In her defense the lady further said that the cancellation of rides added to her misery of giving justifications to her boss as she was late for work multiple times as it added further to her woes, since he was fired from the job. 

Sadly, her woes weren’t heard as it fell on deaf ears as Uber didn’t take any action.

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A spokesman on behalf of Mrs. Irving has said about how Americans feel liberated, where blind people should have got the best of care. 

He also added to how a guiding dog shouldn’t be a concern for the driver who is actually a helping force for the concerned person (woman in this case).

While there has been a statement by Uber who seems to be very proud to have helped blind people in the past. The spokesman of the company added to how drivers have been constantly told about the responsibility they hold towards the society where taking care of visually impaired people is of paramount importance where a guiding dog is actually a necessity, as the drivers need to comply with the rules, henceforth. 

However, Uber hasn’t been charged for the first time, with something like this where it has undergone the whole process of a legal battle with the blind community. 

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The best example could be related ay back of 2014 where The National Federation of the Blind in the US sued the company for not being very clear and vocal about its responsibility of dog regulation.

The case went on for years, while it was finally settled in 2017 when Uber made it clear that it was legally bound to impart service for needy people who have a guiding dog with them.

Mrs. Irving was apologetic that the issue became so much, as it reached so far while she was reacting to the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. She rightly expected that her rights be respected in its full glory.

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