A female rugby player is delighted to become the first woman to play in the Super League

NewsDio Desk : The female athletes will have to prove their worth in the upcoming matches after expanding over the next few months. Rugby league is all set to make a comeback in 2021. 

Despite the lingering uncertainty over the past 550 days, no match was possible due to pandemic outbreaks. 

In the 2019 Grand Final, the match representing the victory of Leeds Rhinos over Castleford Tigers was played 18 months earlier. The WSL is coming back.

The query engulfing everyone whether the long period without a game can affect the performance of women players or not, well the star players have reacted.

Taking advantage of the available time is a top priority for the star players

It seems that the best way for everyone is to be optimistic where England captain Emily Rudge is excited at the futuristic approach which the game has actually offered. She is excited to cover the lost time by playing to her full throttle. 

Leeds’ Danika Priim also echoed the same, where she has believed that things are now returning to normal. She further spoke about how tough pandemic has been, where everyone was confined to their homes. It equally drained out the energy while many mentally lost hope of getting back to normal, since they started to lack motivation with every passing day. 

Priim and Rudge are the front class players who have given the game much needed boost while beginning to play at amateur level, before WSL came into a practical implementation in 2017. 

However, they are happy given the professional assistance which they have been subjected to as they have undergone affiliation with professional team, which signifies their association for many years now. 

The sport has undergone a professional change.

Rudge is upbeat at the way the game has witnessed much needed change where unlike before, the services of physio is there as it denotes the highest degree of professionalism. She says about the immense growth which the Women’s rugby league is witnessing much needed boost and growth. She is hopeful of turning the tables in her favor with the win, as her firm determination has made her quite a strong contender. 

Priim reacts on how happy she has been as the girls are training now, with over a year passed while they were out of the field. 

She also attributes the importance which this year holds for the girls, since if everything goes well, then it will create a major change and give a boost to the game for sure.

Priim is gleeful after looking at the pleasant change which the sport is garnering as of now. She speaks about how the sport was earlier neglected or overlooked lacking the basic professional needs. However, currently, there is a much desired change highlighting the massive coverage which the sport is getting. 

It seems that the game is regaining its lost glory and shine and is all set to become bigger and better in the days to come. 

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