A Foldable iPhone “X Fold” from Apple is confirmed!

Iphone x foldable

As Apple already made two iPhone updates this year (one planned, one angrily protested) and manufacturers including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Lenovo and Motorola unveiling foldable phones, will there ever be a foldable iPhone?

After the launch of radical folding smartphones by Samsung and Huawei, Apple’s more ambitious iPhone plans are now taking shape and the company has confirmed to book a patent as well for foldable device.The patent, for “Electronic Devices With Flexible Displays”, which states that damage is sustained under cold conditions, so offers a solution: “The portion of the display that overlaps the bend axis may be self-heated by illuminating pixels.” We definitely see a upcoming foldable iPhone from apple. When? Let’s dig in more to understand.

What is inside?

While Samsung’s much-anticipated Galaxy Fold was a disappointment to many, Huawei took the audiences with storm with its recent launch of folding smartphone –  Mate X. Now, Apple is also expected to launch its foldable device in punch hole iPhone design form.

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The newly public Apple patent has revealed that the company is working on a folding display which automatically warms at the fold point. Why? Apple explains that folding displays can be damaged when used in cold temperatures, so options such as a heating element or even lighting the pixels on the fold would lessen the problem.

Interestingly, neither Huawei nor Samsung have mentioned this fragility issue although their respective folding smartphones (the Galaxy Fold and Mate X) are due to launch this year.

Why did Apple brought this weakness of foldable mobile technology in highlights?  We all know that Apple likes to make the best version of any technology to retain the reputation of long lasting and hassle free smartphones.


Based on the rumors, leaks and futuristics reviews from the Mobile Pundits,  Apple’s actual 2019 iPhones will be a lot less interesting than their predecessors and with Samsung and Huawei both stating their folding smartphones will cost well over $2,000, any upcoming post-2019-Apple iPhone should cost  equivalent or even more.

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Interestingly, the foldable iPhone which also doubles as an iPad seems like a device many would pay top dollar to own them first and sooner. And with the latest press release from Apple about this foldable technology in process of making, that day doesn’t look far away silencing all the doubts and the doubters.

Release date!

Apple is rarely the first to launch a product. The iPod wasn’t the first music player; the iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone; the iPad wasn’t the first tablet; and the Apple Watch wasn’t the first smartwatch.

But Apple products tend to rise to the top of the field because the company waits and then refines the product to create something more intuitive and superior to the competition. Apple’s strategy is to be the best, not the first.

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So when will a folding iPhone arrive? Despite the Huawei and Samsung launches this year, there are strong rumors in the market that first foldable phone called iPhone X Fold from Apple will be launched in 2020.

Should or Shouldn’t?

Would such a device claimed revolutionary, stimulate iPhone and smartphone lovers to purchase an iPhone, or would the cost be restrain? Would we like to have pur iPhone and iPad combined or we prefer them separately? These are difficult and potentially bothering questions but we cannot wait for foldable gadget in our hands; and then may be we will think about what we think in the moment!!

Would you like Apple to combine your iPhone and iPad in single device or you prefer them as separate gadgets? Let us know in the comment section below.

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