A forgotten Adam Sandler movie has been dominating Netflix this weekend


Last years Uncut Gems more or less confirmed the most frustrating thing about Adam SandlerThe career of .. And that is that he is perfectly capable of offering incredible performances at more serious rates, but he rarely takes on such projects and instead seems happy to continue offering us low-profile comedies in which he has been developing all your brand for decades.

While the overwhelming majority of his work is often criticized by critics, it seems viewers are still happy to eat it, and Netflix subscribers, in particular, can't get enough of it, and the company recently reported that more than 2 A billion hours of Sandler's related content has been viewed since he signed that grand exclusive deal with them in 2014.

In fact, Sandler's movies, both old and new, are generally found as popular properties on Netflix and that's a trend that continues today, with a forgotten and somewhat underrated Adam Sandler comedy creeping up on the Top 10 charts on the platform.

Follow me the roll

The comedy in question is from 2011 Follow me the roll, which currently sits at number 10 on the overall Top 10 list on Netflix and at number 3 on the Top 10 movie list. And since it only debuted on the streaming site yesterday, it will surely continue to rise throughout the year. Weekend.

For those unfamiliar with the photo, he follows a plastic surgeon on a weekend trip to Hawaii and "recruits his faithful assistant to pretend to be his ex-wife, to cover up a sloppy lie." Of course, this quickly fails and hilarity occurs. With Jennifer Aniston as the co-star and Sandler's usual brand of humor clear and present at all times, it's a perfectly harmless job for the actor and, frankly, one of his best comic efforts.

That doesn't say much, of course, given how low some of his comedies have leaned, and it's hard to say Follow me the roll a great or even good movie.But for a weekend broadcast on Netflix, you can certainly do much worse. Especially when it comes to Adam Sandler.


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