A Guide for Selecting the Best Magnetic Charger

Finding a reliable charging cable is a struggle for many. With smartphone technologies always evolving, not all charging cables are compatible with the adapters. Using wrong charging cables means downgrading your phone charger. Also, smartphones come with different USB ports, which means you cannot have a universal charger. 

There is one solution to all charger problems – using a magnetic charging cable, also referred to as a magnetic charger. If you plan to buy one, the guide provided here will help you select the best magnetic charging cable. 

Strength of the Cord

The strength of the cord is a critical aspect of a magnetic charger. You don’t want to buy a charging cable that will break inside with a few stretching, twisting, or bending. There is no systematic method to check the magnetic charging cable’s strength. Just feel the thickness of the cord, and you will come to know. 

Length of the Cord

Charging the phone with a short charging cable is inconvenient. This is true, especially if you want to use the phone while it is charging. With a long charging cable, you can use the phone easily, even when it is charging. 


The flexibility of the charging cable is an essential factor. If the charging cable is stiff and not flexible enough, it is more likely to break inside and outside. The flexibility also enhances ease of use. 

LED Lighting 

It is advisable to purchase a magnetic charger with LED lighting. This will allow you to know the charging status. Many times people connect the charging cable but forget to turn on the switch. The LED light can be useful to ensure the phone is getting charged. 

One good thing is you need not look at the phone screen to see whether it is getting charged. The LED indicator is visible from a distance, and you can be sure about the device getting charged. 


A magnetic charging cable is made of different materials with heavy-duty braids. The sturdy and durable nylon braided exterior provides excellent protection against daily wear and tear. Aluminium Mylar cables have high flexibility and magnetic materials. Whatever material you choose, make sure the charging cable delivers the expected services. 


Magnetic charging cables with cross-compatibility allow you to use the same cable to charge Android phones and iPhones. Most magnetic charging cables come with different connectors like micro USB, Type-C, and Lightning connectors. It ensures you can charge devices with different connectors with one magnetic charging cable. 


Some magnetic charging cables only allow charging of the devices. You can also find magnetic charging cables that support data transfer. You need to read the specifications carefully to know whether the charging cable is multi-purpose. 

We are fond of using smartphones and other devices and cannot do without them any day. Phone or an electronic device with no charge is useless. 

The magnetic charging cable gives you freedom from maintaining different charging cables for your devices. It is a one-in-all charging solution that offers convenience that matters so much in everyday life.

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