A Guide to Acupuncture Prices

Acupuncture Prices

For a 3,000 year old Eastern practice, acupuncture offers an ancient, natural and wonderful way to alleviate pain and promote overall wellbeing.  By placing sterile, thin needles onto specific energy pathways in particular places, certain parts of the body stimulate and detoxify to heal and purify.

It’s Not Expensive

One of the biggest misconceptions many people have is that acupuncture is far too expensive.  This is simply not true and is actually quite affordable.  Of course, there are several factors that play into the price.  But, all-in-all, it’s not as gouging in cost as people may first believe.

Initial Visit

Since this practice appears so individuated and specialized, the acupuncture cost would rightly seem be out of budget range.  Although fees will vary depending on location, most initial visits can cost anywhere from $75 to $300.  This includes a consultation, medical exam and your first session.

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Regular Visits

Then, regular maintenance visits each week may range between $50 and $300.  But, not everyone has to visit every week and it may only be once or twice per month.  Your personal medical situation will determine the frequency.

Other Factors

Your health history, the amount of treatment required and the number of total visits will also play into the final amount.  Also, the status and experience of your acupuncturist will play a key role in the price.  Practitioners with many years under their belt will come at a higher cost than those who have only a few years. 

Of course, both will be well-trained and know what they’re doing.  But, if you have a serious health issue in tandem with acupuncture sessions, you want to go with one who has more experience.

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Insurance Coverage

Since so many studies are coming out proving the medical validity of acupuncture, more healthcare facilities and other governmental organizations are recommending it.  This means many health insurance providers may cover the costs. 

Of course, you’ll have to check 2before hand with your individual provider.  You may have to add a plan that will include acupuncture into your policy if it isn’t currently part of it.  But, it’s important to note that it will have to come recommended by your primary healthcare professional.  This is often the requirement for insurance to accept it as part of a treatment plan.

Paying for Acupuncture

When paying out-of-pocket for your acupuncture sessions, some clinics will offer payment plans.  Especially if you’re in it for a long haul, where return visits will be tantamount.  When you know you’re going to have to make an investment for health reasons, it may be advisable to start a savings account just for these purposes.

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Acupuncture Pricing

As you can see, acupuncture doesn’t have to cost a lot to get the care and treatment you need.  Often, it goes well with current treatments prescribed by your doctor.  But, as always, first consult with your doctor.  This is particularly the case those with serious ailments or questions about acupuncture with other treatments.

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