A historical visit by Tibetan political leader to White House in six decades

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Shanghai: – The Tibetan government’s head in exile has paid the visit to White House for the first time in as many as six decades. The move has certainly angered Beijing over the tensions as it has accused United States of destabilizing the region. 

Robert Destro who is the U.S Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues invited Lobsang Sangay, president of Central Tibetan Administration in the White House. 

The meeting has been regarded as a favorable one which will set an optimistic tone for CTA participation with U.S officials. 

The move gains even greater degree of significance even as China and United States have been at loggerheads with the issue of Tibet. The matters gains even more significance as the two countries are regarded to be the biggest economies of the world as well. 

Mike Pompeo who is the secretary of the State held Beijing guilty of Tibetan human rights related violations and has aired that Washington wants a meaningful autonomy.

While there has been a counter attack by Beijing which has charged United States of using Tibet as a way to split the very social fabric of China. 

China has been controlling Tibet since 1950 in what it described as a “feudalist past”. However, exiled spiritual leader Dalai Lama has accused Beijing that it is responsible of doing cultural genocide. 

It seems that the intentions of China are very strong, as Chinese President Xi Jinping has earlier made a statement in Augusut that China is looking forward towards building an “impregnable fortress” in Tibet as a way to safeguard and protect the national unity. 

It is to be seen as to what’s in store for the world’s two super powers in the coming years even as the tensions doesn’t seem to subside down as of now.

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