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Birds of prey He never stops moving, like a hungry shark looking for his next breakfast sandwich. It is in perpetual motion for most of its runtime, and when you hit 4DX on top of that, it becomes increasingly difficult to hold your nachos. And your beer will definitely be shaken twenty minutes after the chaos. But that's what it is when you sign up for that 4DX ticket.

This is the carnival ride entertainment at its best, exactly what 4DX was created for. You can't find much history in Birds of prey, and that's perfectly fine. In terms of 4DX, this is the best type of film to combine with that fully enveloping format. It's another type of board and hit by John Wick where your seat will constantly hit you, stab you, shoot and kick. There is a moment towards the end that literally threw half the audience to the floor of the theater. It was so brutal and intense. A triple summer jump that I've only seen Idris Elba match on a bus halfway through Hobbs and Shaw.

You will definitely get the value of your money. And if you're not afraid of getting wet, leave that water button alone, because Margot Robbie has a cheated fight scene in a jail cell that leaves you in the middle of the splashed city, with more explosions on my face than me & # 39; I have still witnessed within a 4DX place.

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Removed from the novelty of that hydraulic chair, Birds of prey It's still a fun night at the movies. It is the true definition of a popcorn movie. It's colorful, fast, loud and has a soundtrack that includes Doja Cat. What more could you ask for from an exciting superhero? He doesn't ask you to think too much. And finally, someone found the perfect way to adapt the popular family book Everybody Poops. I dare to say that this is one of the best adaptations of the page to the screen that will emerge at some point, since, summed up in its central essence, it is the story of a girl who really needs to evacuate her intestines. Somehow, director Cathy Yan found a reason to turn that idea into an epic action.

Harley Quinn is out of what seems to be the entire city of Gotham after breaking up with Mr. J. Black Mask wants to be erased. But he has the opportunity to redeem himself inside the criminal's belly by recovering a diamond swallowed by the young Cassandra Cain. While Harley tries to track the diamond, chaos occurs. And there are many great action and fight scenes that are only reinforced by the ferocity of the 4DX experience.

The early comparison of John Wick makes sense, since the director of Keanu Reeves's action masterpiece, Chad Stahelski, reached the middle of the production to give an extra touch to this thing. He choreographed some of the stomps that fly at a rabid pace. And if you like the Jardani Jovonovich saga, you will definitely want to buy this ticket.

There has been a lot of online speech on the themes of the movie. It's a superhero movie for girls. Some believe it is driving an awakened agenda. Maybe. But the difference here is that it is done surprisingly well, and the full runtime of one hour and forty-nine minutes is never deflated nor is it less than entertaining. Birds of prey, which is now called Harley Quinn: Birds of prey As we head to his second weekend, he definitely hates all his male characters. Men are evil. All of them. Even the guy who runs the restaurant under Harley's apartment. Who she sees as a father figure. The guy criticizes her for money.

The chef who makes the coveted breakfast sandwich from Harley's cellar is, perhaps, the only man in the whole movie who is not a complete jerk. But who am I to assume their gender? S / He could be an attack helicopter for all I know. Bruce, Harley's Hiena roommate, almost makes the cut like a decent rocking cock. But the animal is not allowed to have its great moment to shine at the end of the piece of the carnival set that brings all this home.

Birds of prey He owes a lot to Joel Schumacher as some have pointed out. But not necessarily his Batman movies. Birds of prey it sways with the same kinetic energy as its classic vampire comedy The missing child, and the end here comes with the same kind of gravity. And anyone who has seen the exploits of Sam, Mike and the Frog Brothers again and again will see this referenced in that culminating fight at the carnival. So, Bruce is supposed to jump and save the day, pushing the bad guy to his death, right? I know I expected the hyena to take out a Nanook and kick Black Mask in the ocean. But Cathy Yan doesn't want to give us that moment.

She does this quite throughout the movie. Offering Easter jokes and eggs to the pieces dominated by pop culture men. But we are not going on the obvious route to give us the moments we expect. It feels like dragging deep water when we see Harley on the hood of a car. There is the hood ornament. And we hope she pulls an Indiana Jones. But not Like Nanook, Yan gives and takes away, creating his own niche scenes. And that's fine. The new is good.

Yan also feels that he is trolling those old white guys who sit through the credits for a post-credit stinger. She gives us one here. But it comes as a giant provocation and a kind of ham punch. He is definitely making fun of the tropes. And only the types of Internet who hate Rose Tico and Rian Johnson will probably be angry about it. It's nothing to wet your panties. Yan has a great sense of time and humor, and this builds up as a unique delivery on what used to be the DCEU (but now it's just the expanded DC Universe, I guess? Like this won't even connect with Suicide Squad or The suicide squad, and Joaquin Phoenix is ​​definitely not the Joker, Harley Quinn spends the first parts of the movie.

The DC universe is all over the map at this point, and Harley Quinn: Birds of prey It appears as a bright red mud that has spilled across the theater floor. A true cult film in every sense of the word. I only know that if you spend a little more to see it in 4DX, it is definitely worth it. And, for you to know, if you carry a Slurpee with you, it is likely that half will definitely end up on the floor. Happy trips You can find your nearest 4DX theaters at regal.com. Birds of prey This weekend the 4DX projections will be played later, and the first projections will belong to Sonic the Hedgehog.

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