A Quite Place 2 on the cards without John Krasinski

A Quiet Place 2 release date

A Quite Place 2 is confirmed officially and releasing next year but without its major support!

Last year’s released ‘A Quiet Place’ was a huge success for Paramount Pictures. In spite of being a movie with less budget, it proved to be a huge profit for the makers. The credit goes to the director, writer and the lead actor in the movie; John Krasinski. Doing the first movie so well as a director, he got a lot of appreciation from the audience and critics.

Now since Paramount Pictures is thinking to make a sequel of the movie, everyone has a  question is whether John would be a part of the sequel or not and if yes then how he would be involved in it?  

Well, the answer is he would not be directing or acting in the sequel said John himself.

In a recent interview,  he expressed that this movie is very special to him as it is the first movie of him as the Director. He did not expect it to become such a huge success. He didn’t say anything if he would be directing the movie or not so we are assuming that he will not be directing the sequel. When it comes to acting in the next instalment, his character has already died in the first movie. So there is no chance of him acting in the sequel as it is not a superhero movie after all. He might be seen in some flashback scenes though.

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Although the good news is that he is still involved as a writer. He told media that he is working on the script of the movie which is a very tedious task and hence time taking as well.

So, he is not acting or directing but writing the sequel. He had to be involved somehow of course as it is hard to imagine’ A Quiet Place 2’ without John as he is a backbone for the series. 

The producers went through many scripts but at the end, John approached them with his idea about the sequel and they readily considered it. 

From an inside source, we got to know that the plan is to make it an anthropology movie which is creating a different storyline in an established world created earlier by the director. It might be the movie with another family’s perspective with the same concept. 

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John said that in the next sequel they want to tell the audience what those creature has done to the world considering a bigger perspective and not just showing a family perspective.

It will be going to the theatres on May 15th, 2020. Speaking of which, John Krasinski should better finish the script as very few months are left for the release date. The makers haven’t revealed any updates apart from releasing date. There is no news on who would be the director this time. We hope Krasinski would step up again to direct the movie. If that happens, we can be sure that it will be a great watch this time as well. For now, John said that he will soon finish up the script and right after that the casting will be started which will be announced soon. 

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So that’s all for the updates on ‘A Quiet Place 2’ as of now. Do tell us how excited you are for this movie in the comment section below. 

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