Redmi A3 rumors, Release date, Specifications, Features, Expected price

Redmi a3

Xiaomi introduced MI A1 in the year 2017 and it was an instant hit with its 16:9 display (5.5 inches Full HD), competent dual camera, Snapdragon 625 along with 3040 mAH battery. Just after 10 months of MI A1 release, the company launched its next iteration which was MI A2 phone that came in with major improvements to take place of its predecessor. Mi A2 Had improvements in the area of the camera, screen size (5.84 inches Full HD plus) with the bezel-less display, the processor (Snapdragon 660), and battery (4000 mAH).

With the Redmi A3 rumors around the corner, to make it more interesting we have got the details of the phone’s specifications, release date, features, and expected price.

Some of the rumors suggest that Redmi A3 will be a 5G smartphone, however, it is more than unlikely to see a 5G phone since the 5g chipset are not in the production stage.

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Redmi a3

Redmi A3 Specifications and features

  • Redmi A3 has revamped its screen size from the former Redmi A2 (5.84 inches) size to make it 6.3-inch Full HD in addition with the gorgeous looking notch display.
  • To empower the processor, it has equipped snapdragon 710 chipset which supports the next generation (AI) artificial intelligence technology with brilliant performance.
  • The camera is also a big improvement that they have worked on to make it 16 MP + 20 MP rear dual camera with the aperture to go down at f/1.7. Coming to the front camera of Redmi A3 we can expect it to be a 24 MP camera with slashing down the aperture to f/1.7.
  • To make it compatible with the gamers it is said to have furnished the same battery of 4000 mAH which was seen on its predecessor. However, snapdragon 7xx will help in making it an energy efficient device.
  • What might not come as a surprise to many is that there is no headphone jack in the Redmi A3’s phone as it was already seen on Mi A2.
  • It incorporates 4GB/ 6GB RAM and with 64GB/128GB/256 GB internal memory variants.
  • It has dual 4G VOLTE, type C fast charging, Dual sim and one important thing to remember is it does not have any Micro SD Card Slot.
  • The design of the phone is said to be dependent upon the time of the launch, but it is strongly believed that Xiaomi is contemplating to make Glass back design. This design model will make every one mesmerized by its aesthetics, should they ponder to make it a Glass back design.
  • Notch is the most highly anticipated feature on this phone which is making people go confused about it. The chances of making this phone a notch type design is high, however, they can ditch the idea and can go with the bezel-less display with no notch on the display.
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Expected price

Xiaomi has always kept the price reasonable for the buyers who are seeking higher speed, storage capacity, and best aesthetic designs. There are different prices for the Redmi A3 phone which caters in 3 variants, but we can say that the price range will be around 20K.

It will be a nice bargain for the people who are ready to buy this powerful handset at just about 20K.

  • 4GB – 64GB will cost 17999
  • 6GB- 128GB will cost 20999
  • 6GB -256 GB will cost 22999

Release date

With the likes of Xiaomi, the Redmi note 6 and note 6 Pro being unveiled by December 2018 to January 2019, it is much expected that the Redmi A3 will be launched in May 2019 in India.

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