According to reports, the WB strives to bring Constantine to the DCEU


With Juan Constantine Finding great success on the small screen in recent years, Warner Bros. is eager to take the character to the DCEU. We Got This Covered has brought you the latest in the studio's search to find the right actor to play the Hellblazer in the last six months or so, and if you remember, we initially heard that Colin Farrell was being courted, before he ended up hooking another role of DC: the penguin in The batman

After that, WB changed the subject and has been entertaining the idea of ​​bringing Keanu Reeves back as the hidden detective, after he portrayed him in the favorite cult movie of 2005. With the John wick Actor again in the zeitgeist, we have heard that the studio likes the idea of ​​having him on board as Constantine of DCEU, which would be a little different from the one he played before.

However, our latest update on the situation points to a fight that takes place behind the scenes. Our sources told us: the same ones who said that a Transformers reboot is in process and that Disney is doing a National Treasury 3, which have since been confirmed: that WB executives cannot agree on which direction to take the character. Some are pushing for Reeves, given its stellar power, while others are fighting for a more comic representation of Constantine. In fact, an actor who is linked to this more traditional version of him is Legion Dan Stevens star.

As much as we all love Reeves, and while Constantine The movie has its fans, it was always a strange choice for the blond and English exorcist. Stevens would definitely fit much more into the creation of the comic, then. We have known that it has been considered for the role, in some capacity, at least for a while, as well, as conceptual art for Doug Liman's abandoned. Dark Justice League The film mocked Stevens as Constantine.

In any case, while WB discusses the best course of action, Matt Ryan's version on television remains solid. Legends of Tomorrow. You might even be getting your own program (again) on HBO Max. But tell us, would you prefer Reeves or Stevens like John? Constantine in the DCEU? Let us know in the comments section below.

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