ACNH 2021 Update Predictions – 2021 Events We Could See In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Some events could return in Animal Crossing New Horizons after the January 2021 updates. Animal Crossing New Horizons has a lot of big updates in 2020 that were geared around the return of big events in the game. Now, most of the big events have been added and already in Animal Crossing New Horizons, therefore, there are a few interesting events that could be added in 2021 from previous games. Events could be changed that were already in New Horizons. Next, we are about to see the prediction about ACNH events updates 2021.

April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day Event run by Blanca in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Blanca used to be the character who hosts the April Fools Day Event in Animal Crossing New Leaf. You could decorate Blanca and paint their face because Blanca is a cat character without a face. As a matter of fact, Bunny Day takes place on April 1st in Animal Crossing New Horizons, that’s the reason why April Fools’ Day will not happen because bunny day replaces it. On the other hand, this event allows you to all animal’s pictures easily. Since Nintendo made it such a big thing in Animal Crossing New Leaf, this event will probably add it back to new horizons in a future 2021 ACNH update. 

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Weeding Day

Weeding Day it’s the last Friday of April hosted by Leif, who is also in Animal Crossing New Horizons. On weeding day you will go around your island to clean up the weeds and plant flowers. Besides, you can buy ACNH items for flowers at There could be nook mile tasks for that surely in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you complete the task in Animal Crossing New Leaf, you will get prizes and public works projects which allow you to create giant bushes around your island. This is Weeding Day Event maybe will come back to Animal Crossing New Horizons after 2021 Updates, since weeds are a big prevalent part of games. 

Wedding Day 

Wedding Day is the event that could change in the Animal Crossing future updates. Thus, the wedding day event would be the perfect opportunity to bring back characters that are missing from Animal Crossing New Horizons, it seems like the only reason was to bring back Reese and Cyrus. Maybe these characters could come to  Harv’s Island for wedding day and we could have the captain and his wife, for example, come to the wedding and had their own sea themed wedding one year, it would be a different character the next year. ACNH Nook Miles Ticket is definitely worth joining a wedding tour with your friends.

 Valentine’s Day

On valentine’s day the player will receive letters from villagers, the more popular you are, the better the gifts will be. During valentine’s day in Animal Crossing New Leaf Brewster would give you a hot chocolate instead of a coffee to celebrate the day. A lot of people have argued this could be the reason why Brewster might return on valentine’s day. But we don’t know that yet whether he will come back, probably he might return in future years. Or probably it’s just a unique piece of dialogue that he offers you hot chocolate.

 Groundhog Day

Groundhog day is this event that happened in the original Animal Crossing game. Resetti would come up from the ground in the town plaza where your villagers would gather together and he will predict what’s going to happen for the next year. He will probably return as it did in Gamecube where Resetti makes a full appearance, even though he is in the game currently as the helicopter.

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