Adding AliPay to Growing Payment Platform – Allied Wallet and Founder Ahmad Khawaja and their contribution

Adding AliPay to Growing Payment Platform - Allied Wallet and Founder Ahmad Khawaja and their contribution

Allied Wallet is regarded as a global leading provider of mainstream online payment processing. The company is also known for its multi-currency merchant services, and a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. Currently, it has been accepting AliPay – which stands to be a leading third-party online payment solution from China. Allied Wallet has originally innovated its platform to add this provision to the list of accepted global payment methods in order to simplify the transactions that they make between nations like China, the United States, and the rest of the world.

Allied Wallet adding AliPay and mastering the online transactions media

Allied Wallet truly acknowledges the fact that accepting basic Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards have become a necessity for doing business in today’s time. At the same, the company has acknowledged the fact that it is important to remember how impactful it can be to widen one’s horizon as a business owner and thus, accept payments from China and other regions of the world. A lot of people use PayPal to transact amount across different countries, and thus, accept it as the standard in online transactions. However, in the year 2013, AliPay surpassed them as the world’s largest mobile payment platform with more than150 million users who have been operating across 196 countries around the globe. These people were known for accepting AliPay and regarding it as a very valuable new addition to Allied Wallet’s platform. This provision has actually helped the people to gather new provisions, thereby making it easier for the people to transact at a global scale.

Ahmad Khawaja: Connecting millions and millions of users

Dr. Ahmad Khawaja – the CEO of Allied Wallet said that the internet has been the platform for connecting people across all nations, thus, creating a global marketplace and facilitating the merchants with a safer mode of transaction.

He said that one of the biggest troubles that most startups had to encounter earlier was the lack of security during online transactions, and that’s the sole reason that Allied Wallet has been looking forward to adopting newer methods of technologies to make sure that security does not become a concern to the people anymore.

He further said that the future of Allied Wallet has been really brighter and he is excited enough to show it to the world. He continued saying that there would be some people may have never heard of AliPay. They would be surprised to find out that AliPay has over 520,000,000 users in the world. Also, Allied Wallet and Ahmad Khawaja are happy to give an opportunity to these users so that they can experience their state-of-the-art payment platform in a much more flexible way.

The company would love to see that the Allied Wallet’s partnership with AliPay is sure to bring more new opportunities to the public, thereby helping them to boost the global economy as a whole.

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