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MJF vs. Jungle Boy was the second match at AEW Double Or Nothing in Jacksonville, Florida. MJF was escorted into the ring by Wardlow.

There was a back and forth exchange for a couple of minutes, but Jungle Boy took the lead until MJF fell with a knee injury. Dr. Sampson checked MJF but it turned out that MJF was fine and when Jungle Boy turned around, MJF got up and attacked him.

MJF was on the offensive for a while, but Jungle Boy struggled to return while favoring his left arm. The pace picked up when Jungle Boy hit MJF's three consecutive top suicides from the ring to the outside. Moments later, they were back in the ring and traded cheats to the chest and that was followed by an MJF Destroyer and then an STF performance, but he lost grip due to his bad arm. MJF bit down on Jungle Boy's arm and then hit a pile package, but Jungle Boy got out of the pin attempt.

There was a creepy looking Jungle Boy reverse hurricane that caused the back of MJF's head to hit the ring apron. Jungle Boy could have won the game by count but brought MJF into the ring. Jungle Boy tried to move from the top, but MJF grabbed the referee's leg and she was hit against the rope and that caused MJF to lose her balance. MJF recovered and climbed on the rope with Junge Boy, but Jungle Boy hit an electric bomb with the top rope. MJF was kicked out of the pin attempt.

There were multiple counters accumulated, but MJF claimed victory by anchoring Jungle Boy. This was a great wrestling match.

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