AEW Revolution: Nyla Rose vs. Kris Statlander | Newsdio


Nyla Rose organized her AEW Women's World Championship against Kris Statalander in the Revolution in pay-per-view in Chicago.

Excalibur said Statlander has been dealing with the flu in recent days and has just begun to recover from the disease. There were moments in the game when it looked like Statlander was off, so he could still have been dealing with the flu.

It took them a while to involve the crowd, but this ended up being a pretty decent game. At the end of the game, Statlander hit a suplex that was almost unsuccessful and could have been bad if they landed badly. The suplex ended up looking like an avalanche brainbuster. Statlander tested a hurricanrana on top, but Nyla turned it into a bomb beast and then immobilized Statlander to retain the title.

Click here for the full results of AEW Revolution.


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